Pure Affection

How to explain in way to know for sure,

Devotion to Supreme Lord, spotless and pure?


From ancient Ramayana one way take,

Comparison that Shri Lakshmana to make.


Fish taken out of the water like,

When God no more in their sights.


Feeling of beloved wife Sita too,

From being away just a moments few.


Fish Out Of Water

“Like a fish out of water” famous expression,

In an odd place, like stranger the impression.


Know that in bhakti-yoga same also found,

Explaining those who to devotion bound.


Lakshmana to brother Rama once said,

Of Himself and Sita, when to forest were led.


Describing love for Him spotless and pure,

Without bhakti, devotee can’t survive for sure.

Best Start For The Day

Of bed difficult to get out,

Function not more sleep without.


Better rising when one thing for,

To think of Supreme Lord more and more.


His names in mantra with faith to say,

And for future clearance in bhakti to pray.


And in writing of Him spirits to surge,

To stay wide awake then the urge.


So every day the same routine make,

Taking full benefit of being awake.

Seeing Through Darkness

Rakshasas of vileness stark,

Covered by mode of ignorance dark.


Having face like the full moon,

Rescue from Ramachandra to come soon?


On this in Lanka Sita Devi thought,

As Hanuman news of Him brought.


By even more ignorance know that I’m covered,

Hope now that Rama’s name I’ve discovered.