Embarrassing The Moon

Perfect were lips, forehead and chin,

Of Rama, who every contest does win.


This would be a strength test,

Lifter of bow to be declared the best.


His beauty Shri Rama first to show,

Enchanting vision onlookers to know.


More beautiful than the autumn moon,

That handsome youth to wed Sita soon.


Defeat from God is always good,

Position to Him better understood.


Weapon Of Prema

Eyebrows combined with sacred mark,

Looked like arrow from bow ready to dart.


This symbolic shaft on Rama’s head,

Not like kama, to shoot prema instead.


Good it is by this arrow to be hit,

Disease of unending devotion it inflicts.


This vision seen by all who were present,

In Janaka’s court, well-wishing residents.


Same Rama can come to the rescue today,

Think of Him and His names always say.

Eyes Like Lotuses

With the arrows that he fires,

In victims ignites lusty desires.


Kamadeva’s beauty considered the best,

With it defeats pride of all the rest.


Tulsi says Dasharatha’s sons superior,

In beauty all others are inferior.


Beauty and strength don’t seem to match,

Yet Rama’s amazing feat onlookers did catch.


Lifted Lord Shiva’s bow for promise to fulfill,

Of King Janaka, who is famous to this day still.

Sharada Purnima

Sharada Purnima such a wonderful sight,

Amidst stars, the full moon stands bright.


During this time gopis of Vrindavana took the chance,

For rendezvous with Krishna, to enjoy rasa dance.


Rama and Lakshmana were compared to this moon,

When arrived in Janakpur, to eyes a terrific boon.


Janaka and others then remembered his vow,

Afraid that Rama might not lift the bow now.


Never fear, brightness of God never to dissipate,

Lifting bow, marrying Sita, Rama fears to eliminate.

The Royal Treatment

Of the jungle the lion is the king,

Terror just from his roar he can bring.


In same way ruler enemies can defeat,

Thus lion’s symbols adorn his seat.


Simhasanas, thrones presented to his guests,

In hospitality Janaka always offered the best.


In human form Rama and Lakshmana their lordships,

Thus with his offerings king did wonderful worship.


Shri Rama with Janaka then always to stay,

By lifting bow and winning contest that day.

Shrugging It Off

Commitment to hospitality is the host’s test,

Must make feel welcome and wanted the guest.


With fear over uncertain outcomes mind is harassed,

But burden on to arriving guests shouldn’t be passed.


Lament from vow consuming Janaka the host,

But resolve from him now required the most.


To give respect to his word the people he owed,

So visitors the svayamvara grounds he showed.


With fear over outcomes no need to be consumed,

From Shri Rama’s strength blissful end always assume.

Don’t Break The Oath

Daughter Sita to Janaka is very dear,

That wrong husband chosen is underlying fear.


With announced contest of bow matter considered rectified,

Priests, counselors, friends and even king now satisfied.


Contest rules simple, first come first serve,

Lifting Shiva’s bow meant Sita they did deserve.


But if perfect match arrived Janaka did not consider,

The case with Rama, but on vow the king must deliver.


Thus there was worry that with vow he made a grave mistake,

But king relieved when Shiva’s bow in His hand Rama did take.

Friends Of The Demigods

“Of King Dasharatha these sons are a delight,

Jewels of Raghu’s clan, enemies of saints they fight.


With their arrows the demons they will vanquish,

So that saints their daily trepidation can relinquish.”


With Vishvamitra to Janakpur they go,

So that Rama can lift Lord Shiva’s bow.


For everyone’s benefit are made the rules,

Pious path to help both the intelligent and the fools.


But must be punished the breakers of the law,

Otherwise no safety, system to exist with flaws.


Rama and Lakshmana thus to saints are friends,

Worthy punishment to their enemies they send.

Brahman’s Form

In material nature everything with an aspect dual,

Good to some bad to others, with illusion it does fool.


But beyond duality is Brahman, a truth that is absolute,

Realize it by accepting the knowledge and austerity route.


Because elders difficult to teach, with change they are done,

Brahmacharya principles imbibed on those who are young.


King Janaka of Mithila dispassion his rule of life he made.

Though in royal opulence above duality he stayed.


But seeing muni’s protectors that were charming,

Felt supreme bliss, his videha stance harming.


Muni these doubts of the king to relieve,

“Rama and Lakshmana are Brahman, this fact you believe.”

Real Self-Interest

Prahlada Maharaja says man does not know,

That his real self-interest is to Vishnu’s realm to go.


Svartha for sense gratification to acquire,

Paramartha for spiritual realm to aspire.


But in bhakti-yoga no such distinction,

For devotional service is desired condition.


With worldly life King Janaka thought he was done,

But changed when seeing visitors who had come.


Rama and Lakshmana, of beauty one couldn’t believe.

From attachment to them real self-interest receive.