For Rama – 18

Rama stout, handsome and strong,

Like banyan limbs equally long.


From His smile compassion expressed,

Auspicious collarbone slightly depressed.


Defending the pious wherever to go,

Teaching lesson to ogres, lowest of low.


That Lord never can I forsake,

His image in mind wherever to take.


For Rama – 17

Since time and space endless to go,

Supreme Lord difficult to know.


Rama of glories without end,

As Supersoul everywhere to extend.


About Lord sure of important thing one,

That higher priority than devotees to Him none.


Lakshmana always with Him taking,

Brothers and family never forsaking.

For Rama – 15

As Hindu festival Diwali is known,

For arati lights placed in the home.


But actually for Rama originated,

How people in Ayodhya celebrated.


That finally to them returning,

Desperate eyes Divine vision earning.


Best homecoming of time’s test to stand,

Greeted with love when aerial car to land.

For Rama – 14

Who is Rama, you would like to know?

To that first Diwali time just go.


How the whole town was made bright,

Arati in each home a welcoming light.


Because Rama now finally to come,

Since Sita returned, against Ravana won.


Ayodhya the luminous city emitting,

For Him a homecoming befitting.

For Rama – 13

If of Rama needed to be known,

Just study Diwali incident alone.


On the aerial car Pushpaka arrived,

Vehicle on which Ravana formerly thrived.


Others to His home along with Lord came,

For helping Him getting honor the same.


People of Ayodhya to them warmly greeted,

So happy that evil of world defeated.

For Rama – 12

Since ignorance in me is set,

Good deeds so easy to forget.


With Shri Rama not the same,

Never looking for personal gain.


Remembered that Vanaras Sita trying to save,

And how for Him life Jatayu gave.


That Lord worship always will I,

On Him for everything to rely.

For Rama – 11

Rama’s deeds continuing forever,

So stop glorifying them never.


Like Vedas with endless numbers in page,

Following in efforts of Valmiki the sage.


Though these words simple and short,

Lord’s merciful smile the effort to exhort.


Remember that savior, to one and all,

With child-like appeal to Him call.