Jaya Mala

From around the world today many famous princes to arrive,

In this city of Janakpur, to go home married they strive.


To lift the illustrious bow of Lord Shiva they wish to try,

Yet one after another they fail, the bow not even to pry.


Finally the Lord of Tulsidas approaches the plate,

He of beautiful appearance and most charming gait.


Lifting that bow of Shiva and breaking it in the twinkling of an eye,

To their chances of winning Sita princes waving goodbye.


So heavy the bow that enormous was the sound,

In upper and lower worlds, in all spheres to redound.


Shri Rama, Lord of Vaikuntha, has won Sita Devi’s hand in marriage,

The energy and energetic, united at last, ready the horse and carriage.


Around her husband’s neck garland of victory to place,

Sita Devi now belonging to Rama, He of moonlike face.


With breaking of the bow, their marriage today to start,

May Sita and Rama, beloved of all, reside forever in my heart.


Everyone Was Happy

Who husband of Janaka’s daughter to be?

This all townspeople waiting to see.


Dasharatha’s eldest son, it would be Him,

In lifting Shiva’s bow contest would win.


By beloved Janaki Rama garlanded the victor,

First father’s consent, ceremony waiting for later.


Then the bride and groom seated for marriage to start,

Most delightful scene, brought warmth to the heart.


For all couples Sita and Rama show the way,

With fidelity and virtue honor to them pay.

My Ego

From where should my ego come?

What am I, what have I done?


Unpredictable where dice to land,

So none of this in control of my hand.


Honor and worship Sita and Rama instead,

Maintain and sleep in devotion’s bed.


In ability of divine couple take pride,

Know always they are on devotee’s side.


None else my life and soul could be,

On chance to remember them I seize.

Save Me From Myself

Women I have yet to understand,

Only in trouble they’ve made me land.


Some want friendship, others want more,

Leisure time spent with them, what was it for?


Just when point of comprehension I reach,

A new painful lesson to me they teach.


Sita and Rama I have to thank,

Saved me whenever this heart sank.


Despite all my stupidity with me they stay,

That my eyes always taste their vision I pray.

Indescribable Love

Sita lives with husband in mind,

And inside His her you will find.


It’s as if two came from one,

This actually by God was done.


From husband’s vision never her eyes turn,

For His warm company to yearn.


Why not always to stay by His side?

And so in eternal pleasure to reside.


To this devotion Rama responds,

Of His beloved He’s supremely fond.


Hard to measure who loves who more,

But that’s what this human birth is for.

Sleeping Easy

Tulsi says only he with peace can sleep,

Because welfare of devotees Rama keeps.


Fruitive worker concerned only with gain,

So even during rest attacked with mind’s pain.


Yogi looking solely for mystic ability,

With hankerings no mental stability.


Over attachment the jnani fears,

So from yoga he quickly veers.


With Sita and Rama in mind safely I’ve slept,

Knowing that my best interests they’ve kept.


Of all these things certainly I know,

But why fear over future I can’t let go?


Trusting Tulsidas to find right way I try,

May love for Sita and Rama I never let slip by.

What Do You Know

Oh this will make me happy surely,

With this one thing then I can live securely.


Please oh please let me have it,

Then from asking for things I’ll quit.


Ah, but things aren’t so simple man,

For you Sita and Rama have higher plan.


Know that for you they will always care,

Keeping devotion’s life, avoiding maya’s scare.


What can I say about this kindness to me?

Though blinded by desire, for me they always see.


That I can honor them is my only hope,

Names of Sita and Rama a rescuing rope.

Always Interfering

So blind that I cannot see,

So Sita and Rama protect me.


Plans for future happiness I make,

But away the danger they take.


I’m the smartest of them all I think,

Yet they rescue me before further I sink.


Sometimes dismayed at their intervention,

“Please worry not over my misery’s prevention.”


But bypassing objections, obstacles steered clear,

And thus to me Sita and Rama remain forever dear.