For Hanuman – 23

Since devotion only his heart knows,

In proper direction always he goes.


Crossing the ocean difficult task made,

But from chance of failure not afraid.


Simhika and Surasa his path to impede,

But with intelligence forward to succeed.


Full devotion with body, mind and speech,

Heroically the shores of Lanka to reach.

For Hanuman – 22

Hard for into poetic glorification to launch,

For to material ways this heart is staunch.


Defiant of laws of God and His will,

Happiness in kama I think there is still.


But time for knowing Brahman is now,

So glorify God with words, but how?


With inspiration from Hanuman to take,

At least attempt at right path to make.

For Hanuman – 18

When seeing judgment bordering on lame,

To Sugriva’s rescue Shri Hanuman came.


In knowledge of moral codes none wiser,

Knew friend failing to repay favors a miser.


For king’s benefit Vali driven away,

But not a word of act would Rama say.


Transgression Hanuman subtly to catch,

Sugriva then massive army to dispatch.