For Sita – 36

If openly your heart to others you’ll show,

Make vulnerable to many troubles you should know.


Your most important things to then attack,

Even friends whom proper etiquette lack.


Still, for you this secret now I reveal,

That in one event this mind most safe to feel.


When Sita and Rama each other found,

In place of King Janaka, on earth most sacred ground.


For Sita – 35

All to look for healing place,

To find peace, from troubles escape.


Union of Sita and Rama that is for me,

Strength in arm, devotion’s eyes to see.


Wife or husband, who of beauty more?

No end to debate, so both I’ll adore.


For Janaki a protector most befitting,

In my heart may they always be sitting.

For Sita – 34

When uncertain, depressed ever so,

To one safe place my mind can go.


To ancient time in Tirahuta place,

When Janaka’s contest princes to face.


In weight most formidable foe,

Victor he first to lift Shiva’s bow.


As union of Sita and Rama event known now,

Most beloved couple, to properly honor them how?

For Sita – 33

Auspicious this life since been given the chance,

To read from Ramayana, work without flaws my stance.


Virtuous and beautiful characters too many to choose,

In worship of any the heart to melt, ego to lose.


With Janaki’s words never to go wrong,

Her spirit always pure, her resolve so strong.


Thanks to Janaka, husband Rama he brought,

Sita’s love for Him, my attention it caught.

For Sita – 32

With kind and gentle behavior went,

To mother Parvati humble prayers were sent.


Glories of Shankara’s wife to sing,

That auspiciousness on this day she’d bring.


Since to follow father’s lead mind always set,

Beloved Janaki whatever desired always to get.


Lakshmi on earth to join with Narayana,

Tale of their beautiful marriage found in Ramayana.

For Sita – 31

One day by Janaka a baby was found,

While for sacrifice cultivating the ground.


The king of so many virtues untold,

Through Sita even more fortune to unfold.


When perfect husband for daughter sought,

Contest of the bow Hari to kingdom brought.


Through Janaka Sita to become Rama’s wife,

Forever devoted to them, in life after life.

For Sita – 30

Despite possessing virtues many,

King Janaka having children not any.


For sacrifice while ploughing the ground,

Most beautiful baby girl was found.


Beloved of all, known by Sita the name,

Soon time for her marriage came.


His worries in royal priests king confided,

Fortune in disguise, contest of the bow was decided.