For Hanuman – 81

See how in arms each other they took,

In friendship with God have a look.


Anything for Rama Hanuman would do,

Same affection there in Supreme Lord too.


Difficult journey to Lanka’s land,

But never without Rama’s helping hand.


Though success was always in store,

His heroic feat Rama not to ignore.

For Hanuman – 80

News to Rama brought such smile to His face,

That Shri Hanuman He had to embrace.


The same for whom yogis in trance spent,

Eagerly towards devoted servant went.


Renunciation, knowledge or yoga no care,

Only that journey to Lanka he did dare.


And all just for Rama’s sake,

Worthy recipient of His mercy to make.

For Hanuman – 78

Shri Hanuman of this world a treasure,

Brothers’ love for him none can measure.


Slight understanding of his stature get,

From taking battle position on his shoulders set.


Black magic from aerial cars enemies attack,

Answer with arrows while on Hanuman’s back.


With support those fiery arrows flew,

The chests of demons swiftly went through.