Conquering Lust

With proper focus holy names to chant,

Then kama sway the individual it can’t.


Mahadeva in many ways victory earned,

Living renounced, by him Kamadeva burned.


On the glories of Shri Rama always speaking,

Despite marriage, attention on bhakti keeping.


Favor of Lord Himself reason most of all,

Same when on us Shiva’s blessings to fall.

Known As Hari

“For face like yours to give,

For that offense I won’t forgive.


This curse I place upon you,

That without beloved will be you.


Just as my face you did make,

Help from monkeys you’ll have to take,”


This curse from Narada Shri Hari accepted,

Path for devotee by Him always protected.

Rukmini Devi Teaching Us

Many lessons from Rukmini to learn,

Like how Shri Krishna’s favor to earn.


Vision of the Divine not required,

From hearing alone bhakti inspired.


Lord having affection for brahmanas respectable,

Rescuing souls with timing impeccable.


With respect towards demigods can behave,

Krishna or His representative coming to save.

God Is Nice

Murder, deceit and vice,

How then God can be nice?


Just of temporary body seeing,

No effect on spiritual being.


To me always association’s choice giving,

Remembering all, thus most forgiving.


When sincere desire for return in me,

Sends guru who from illusion free.

Like Online Shopping

Store sometimes with bargain, a steal,

Customers readily looking for a deal.


Like a store with items fully in stock,

Demigods practically everything they’ve got.


Friendship not made, not relationship in trust,

Nothing personal, business it is just.


Bhakti for those with intelligence more,

Krishna’s pleasure doing everything for.

Not So Important

Krishna showing universal form of His,

Still more an abstract, not a person it is.


That there is something beyond to mean,

More to life than awe-inspiring scene.


For each case not very long was shown,

Returning to worship of choice their own.


Supreme Lord, person standing behind,

Bhakti-rasa in devotion to Him find.