For Rama – 37

When Rama again will come?

To have His vision again none.


This by wicked Kaikeyi was brought,

Since plan made with deceptive thought.


Fourteen years now for us to wait,

Who in world having more pitiable state?


Still, of Rama’s return keeping a hope,

Our way in these dire days to cope.

For Rama – 36

Rama swiftly to the forest went,

After orders by wicked Kaikeyi sent.


Not her fault these events to unfold,

Since yogamaya having a hold.


Lakshmana and Sita to Him insisted,

From their plan to follow not desisted.


In this way pleasurable image made,

And in hearts of saints it stayed.

For Rama – 35

Kaikeyi by Manthara manipulated,

Exile for Rama to Dasharatha stated.


Lord waiting not even for deliberation,

Accepting order without hesitation.


God’s full renunciation in this way know,

Ready for anywhere to go.


Then why in this wretch’s heart can’t He stay?

Standing with bow guiding the way.

For Rama – 34

Rama in Ayodhya happily living,

Fair punishment to violators giving.


So that not against Him a grudge,

Since knowing His impartiality to judge.


Imagine then what to devotees bringing,

Who His glories with heartfelt love singing.


Good qualities difficult in me to find,

Still that beloved of Janaki in mind.