For Rama – 4

Of Queen Kausalya the son,

And Raghu’s clan shining sun.


To Lakshmana and Bharata brother elder,

And Shatrughna too the supreme shelter.


The forest ascetics always defending,

Many arrows for them sending.


In so many roles but to tire never,

Remaining my Lord forever and ever.

For Rama – 3

In proper tone these words please take,

Just an honest confession to make.


That to me Rama the worshipable one,

Another lord comparable is none.


From Hanuman’s authority alone,

By me this truth is known.


Sita and Lakshmana rounding it out,

That blemishes He forever without.

For Rama – 2

To Bhagavan is the same,

Is king of Rama the name.


Fame, beauty, wealth and strength,

Wisdom and dispassion beyond length.


Identical to Vishnu, Krishna, and Narasimha too,

Carrying bow and arrow in lotus hands two.


Despite what anyone else to say,

Prefer on His side to stay.

For Rama – 1

The most magnanimous of all,

The Supreme Shri Rama to call.


For defense of devotees to stand,

Armed with bow and arrow in hand.


Beautiful smile on His face keeping,

Boundless mercy on worshipers heaping.


Who on Janasthana’s field to shine,

That protector most beloved of mine.

Demigod Worship Results

When worship of demigods properly done,

The results then quickly to come.


To the illusion of identity strength giving,

That I am the doer, with false notion living.


Gods like Shiva diverted elsewhere in mind,

Focus on Rama, for worshipers not much time.


Land is temporary, so are things which to get,

Better if in devotion to Supreme Lord set.

The Sannyasa Ashrama

Chaitanya the sannyasa position taking,

So that benefit for others making.


First that from attachments free,

Can travel anywhere, sleep under a tree.


From there others respect to give,

Attention when hearing of how to live.


Sannyasa tool for in devotion becoming stronger,

Really a spirit, when attached to results no longer.