Time to Go

Right plan divine creator makes,

To execute at proper time and place.


No more in India for swami to stay,

To the west he’d have to make his way.


Never mind the turbulent waters ahead,

By Krishna’s guiding hand to be led.


Onto a boat that from ocean always shaking,

Just bare essentials and some books with him taking.


Prabhupada headed to America for giving rescue,

To the mission of his spiritual master always true.


The Voyage West

As hard as he could tried,

But his plans by forces denied.


To go beyond attempted so many ways,

The preaching within India it stayed.


With Jaladuta now the chance,

For Mahaprabhu’s cause to advance.


That journey historic to be,

The west a new culture to see.


Finally his guru’s mission to fulfill,

Gave Bhaktivedanta a glimmering hope still.


Travelling across the ocean vast,

Krishna came through in moment last.

League of Devotees

Made League of Devotees for society to better,

Preaching strongest when devotees gathered together.


First in Back to Godhead time spent,

For preaching this his first attempt.


Difficult task, the upkeep too much of a chore,

Krishna’s mercy, for swami something else in store.


Can’t change fate no matter how hard we try,

The will of the Supreme impossible to defy.


Prabhupada then compelled to go west,

Where message of Chaitanya to be received the best.


League of Devotees for guru a worthwhile start,

World soon to change from the ship he’d depart.

A Handy Tip

Fortnightly magazine regularly handing out,

But people hesitant to keep, sometimes to throw out.


Good advice to come from a well-wisher,

Would change course of history for the better.


Temporary interest for magazines like Back to Godhead,

But why not focus on lengthier books instead?


Thus came initial seed for meaningful transition,

Swami to begin Bhagavatam’s translation.


Jewel of Vedas is that work from Vyasa’s hand,

Prabhupada to make possible for all to understand.


That ripened fruit from guru’s writings taste,

See God in the pages, lay ignorance to waste.


Seeking ways to relax, no pressures for the mind,

State free of anxieties and inconveniences to find.


But Prabhupada to the streets went to patrol,

From patrons faced rejections untold.


But for his guru taking the risk,

From spreading bhakti not to desist.


All glories to founder giving magazine’s birth,

Not to end there, publishing venture only his first.


Soon to expand worldwide, the burden to increase,

No worry for him, wisdom of Bhagavata to release.

Someone Should Lead

For man’s spiritual hunger to feed,

Someone must be there to lead.


The easier road it is to sit back,

And quietly spiritual credits rack.


This method great for the self,

But how others it will help?


If leadership position you take,

Others to know if you are fake.


Looking directly in scrutiny’s face,

Prabhupada travelled across the states.


Bhakti-yoga his disciples humbly took,

And to him for guidance they looked.


Credit such a leader never can get enough,

Honor him I try, no matter how tough.

To The Streets

On corners of busiest streets he’d stand,

To passers-by his magazine he’d hand.


His own money for printing he spent,

Delivering bhakti’s wisdom to public he went.


Not everyone a copy would buy,

But undeterred, again and again to try.


Not for selfish gain, Herculean effort,

Though constant rejection, of ego never hurt.


From his preaching so bold and brave,

Soon people across the world to save.


If not for him, today where would I be?

Mired in maya, so low the sky only to see.


Since without help, pain’s threshold to pierce,

To him I owe my best effort fearless and fierce.


Incapable am I, but debt there is to repay,

Spreading his message, I’ll honor him every day.

Back to Godhead

To his spiritual master to dedicate,

With new publication to create.


To shine love of Chaitanya so bright,

Produced magazine for every fortnight.


Poured into it all he had learned,

Spiritual merits readers then earned.


Profound wisdom on page each successive,

So unique, wealth of information impressive.


Fulfilling what guru had asked of him,

To preach in English, blasting bhakti’s wind.


So grateful for that sacrifice he took,

Embers of my ignorance away he shook.

The Final Letter

One final letter of instruction to receive,

From guru the present world about to leave.


Call for preaching to west in it again stated,

To spread message of Chaitanya reiterated.


World’s guru taking message so seriously,

Soon to write and preach so vigorously.


Desire to magazine Back to Godhead gave birth,

English explanations of bhakti, a wonderful first.


As the message of Bhaktisiddhanta its pages told,

So even with difficulty swami many issues sold.


The original so many imitators to spawn,

Myself included, on Prabhupada’s wisdom drawn.

Go West

"Why not preach bhakti-yoga in the west,

Only Chaitanya’s teachings to stand time’s test.


In English language already quite proficient,

So thoroughly explain Krishna, the most munificent."


Upon request at first a little hesitant,

In accepting worthiness of mission reluctant.


But Supreme Lord with much higher plan,

To reform even wretches like me through one man.


For that fateful meeting always I’m thankful,

Bore fruit of shastras in language delightful.


Let words of guru replace all rubbish in your mind,

In Divine Grace’s instruction eternal wisdom find.