Kindness Upon Us

Not found pure happiness so far,
Because so incredibly fallen we are.

How in rightful place can we be?
When spirit from matter we can’t even see?

Due to His endless and causeless grace,
Shri Krishna arrives at this miserable place.

With His unflinching protection,
He grabs our undivided attention.

That we’ll be happy with Him He knows,
So glimpse of His potencies He shows.

Giant mountain with finger He lifts,
Jewels to fruit vendor He gifts.

So that friends not in fear to stay,
He tosses the bull demon away.

My Lord certainly the most kind,
Pray that He’ll always live in my mind.


Spending the Day

For young child how to spend the day?

Well, why not with cows to play?


Yashoda’s delight duty surely does know,

So to field with the calves to go.


Such work for Him not hard,

Cows in full joy move every yard.


Sacred are Krishna’s marks left on the ground,

And cherished is His wonderful flute’s sound.


Cows follow Him through Vrindavana’s hills,

And in affection their bags with milk to fill.


Is it any wonder that my Lord such a delight?

His play with cows such a lovely sight.

Trusting Him

O mind, this about Krishna you should know,

That with full trust the cows with Him go.


In His presence there is no fear,

Like their own child He is forever dear.


Take His company and your tensions release,

In worrying over outcomes immediately cease.


Difficult for you as mind is so obstinate,

That you’ll find some kind of worry is definite.


Fully aware, in His hands the flute to take,

And with it most enchanting sound to make.


Wayward cows then to Krishna run,

Lost attention then there is none.


That same sound in holy names you’ll find,

Recite them daily, O weary and troubled mind.

Favorite Image

Image of Krishna chariot driving,

Justice to Kurus soon arriving.


In another standing by Radha’s side,

In His heart with Him she resides.


In one holding flute tall He stands,

With cows on sacred Vrajabhumi land.


Stealing butter with Balarama delightful sight,

In dark room their jewels provide the light.


These images certainly precious and rare,

But at one in particular I like to stare.


Where dear mother offers food for child’s sake,

In her lap darling of Vrindavana she takes.


Yashoda and Krishna let me always see,

A more delightful vision there can never be.

Garland of Flowers

Known to all as symbol of peace,

From presence alone tensions to cease.


Men offer it after committing blunder,

So wrath of women to not be under.


When portrait of Krishna you perhaps check,

To see garland of flowers around His neck.


Devotees this to the Lord give,

Thinking of Him always they live.


Garland the beautiful picture completes,

With this divine vision nothing to compete.

Why the Flute

God of Hindus hard to understand,

Why blue and with flute in His hands?


Of a vengeful Lord only we’re told,

Having a gray beard and looking old.


Why then is God Krishna so young?

And why on Gokula’s fields to run?


Is not His business to set people straight?

To eliminate vice, violence and hate?


Actually God supreme pleasure feels,

All life’s pains His company heals.


In Vrindavana secret potion they’ve found,

Just in listening to from Krishna sound.


Animals and humans stop when they hear,

The flute of Shyamasundara so dear.


Pray will come that fortunate day,

When hear that beloved sound I may.

The Basics

Holding a flute in His hand,

Calling home Vrindavana’s land.


In Yahsoda’s courtyard to roam,

Brother with Him so never alone.


With His smile others to enchant,

Take their eyes off Him they can’t.


Tending to calves during the day,

With friends enjoying childish play.


These are some facts of Krishna to know,

To His sweet vision let this mind go.

Standing In Peace

From His physical presence you can judge,

His pleasant demeanor, a smile never to budge.


From that vision a lesson you can take,

That from blissful position none can shake.


To His lotus feet let your eyes fly,

And on His protection always rely.


That smile your mental troubles to defeat,

Through Him your cherished desires to meet.


Shri Krishna so easy to forget,

So your mind to remembering Him set.


Know He’ll always be there for you,

But effort required from you too.


The greatest benefactor of the mind,

So for loving Him always make the time.

Praising The Fast

To deliver the pious and religion to defend,

The Supreme Lord to the earth descends.


When knowledge of the Absolute is lost,

He comes to reinstate parampara at any cost.


But I know that these are just the stated reasons,

Real purpose to please the eyes with best of visions.


Krishna’s beautiful and smiling face,

Upon the fortunate devotees to grace.


If perchance I catch a glimpse with my eye,

That vision strips my pride and makes me shy.


Krishna is the most beautiful, this my heart knows,

So kind that bliss follows wherever He goes.


On Janmashtami day eating I do renounce,

So that in weakness Krishna’s beauty pronounced.


Therefore I praise the fast, whether large or small,

For it makes my Lord stand even more tall.


My Krishna is known as Shyamasundara, He has a beautiful face,

His vision is the Truth, for the eyes the supreme resting place.


A child can be this adorable, who could ever think?

Afraid of losing that sight my eyes don’t want to blink.


Holding a flute in His hands and wearing a peacock feather in His hair,

My Shri Krishna, with His wonderful charm pride away He scares.


Ornaments normally worn for beauty of body to enhance,

But with Krishna to shine ornaments are given the chance.


A flower garland adorns His neck, and on His wonderful chest,

Is found the kaustubha gem, which in glory comfortably rests.


Like the atasi flower in appearance, like the Tamala tree,

Unique is the shyama color, on a human very rare to see.


His eyes like lotus petals and complexion like a raincloud,

My sweet Shyamasundara, His glories I sing aloud.