For Sita – 41

What if what I’ve heard is wrong,

Of this path which been on so long?


What if at death, life’s end,

Into sea of nothingness soul to send?


Though worry you may, doubtful to be,

Never such a concern to enter me.


For the glories of Janaka’s daughter I know,

Sita and Rama with me, never to let me go.


For Sita – 40

Why should to look with fear,

Upon Janaka’s daughter so dear?


In loving attitude keep her near,

Your daily worries easily to clear.


All good qualities to her belong,

Though of mild nature, of devotion strong.


Rightfully matched, husband bow can break,

Loving devotion to her never a mistake.

For Sita – 39

To task of contemplating this mind to send,

Not difficult since in her glories no end.


If to write this day, tomorrow and another,

Still never to properly describe the divine mother.


When from doubt and defeat hopes start to fade,

Her name and character to give protecting shade.


Her marriage story this broken heart to please,

Rightfully matched with Rama lifting bow with ease.

For Sita – 38

Brahma and Shiva so much power got,

In representing Rama’s nature only a drop.


Same concept with Sita to keep in mind,

When in others virtue and resolve to find.


Potency for prema in her complete,

With her no others to compete.


For her only Rama match could be,

From lifting bow the whole world to see.

For Sita – 37

Found in sacred field, when of children bereft,

Then through bow’s contest she left.


His new daughter in a second one,

Then by Shri Rama her hand was won.


Of her coming and going nothing ordinary,

Janaka’s precious daughter of qualities extraordinary.


Through her others’ fame to enhance,

To say her name don’t pass up the chance.

For Sita – 36

If openly your heart to others you’ll show,

Make vulnerable to many troubles you should know.


Your most important things to then attack,

Even friends whom proper etiquette lack.


Still, for you this secret now I reveal,

That in one event this mind most safe to feel.


When Sita and Rama each other found,

In place of King Janaka, on earth most sacred ground.

For Sita – 35

All to look for healing place,

To find peace, from troubles escape.


Union of Sita and Rama that is for me,

Strength in arm, devotion’s eyes to see.


Wife or husband, who of beauty more?

No end to debate, so both I’ll adore.


For Janaki a protector most befitting,

In my heart may they always be sitting.

For Sita – 34

When uncertain, depressed ever so,

To one safe place my mind can go.


To ancient time in Tirahuta place,

When Janaka’s contest princes to face.


In weight most formidable foe,

Victor he first to lift Shiva’s bow.


As union of Sita and Rama event known now,

Most beloved couple, to properly honor them how?

For Sita – 33

Auspicious this life since been given the chance,

To read from Ramayana, work without flaws my stance.


Virtuous and beautiful characters too many to choose,

In worship of any the heart to melt, ego to lose.


With Janaki’s words never to go wrong,

Her spirit always pure, her resolve so strong.


Thanks to Janaka, husband Rama he brought,

Sita’s love for Him, my attention it caught.

For Sita – 32

With kind and gentle behavior went,

To mother Parvati humble prayers were sent.


Glories of Shankara’s wife to sing,

That auspiciousness on this day she’d bring.


Since to follow father’s lead mind always set,

Beloved Janaki whatever desired always to get.


Lakshmi on earth to join with Narayana,

Tale of their beautiful marriage found in Ramayana.