Smothered In Tragedy

Daily troubles, by responsibilities bothered,

Nothing goes my way, in tragedy smothered.


Just this one thing for happiness I think,

When it fails, into further despair I sink.


For my troubles are all else to blame?

Their fault is my dwelling in failure’s shame?


My misfortune to help if one thing understood,

To be humbled into willful submission to Him is good.


O mind, know that Shri Rama your only true friend,

Always there to give shade, your wounds to mend.


Tulsi, Hanuman, Sita and so many others already know,

In devotional service, their love for Him only to grow.


Why then on this matter remaining obstinate?

To have even heard of Rama makes you fortunate.


Your thoughts, words and deeds of this life to Him give,

And try no more your soul, in peacefulness live.


Be Thankful

Circumstances of your birth were great,

Parentage, family, home – all of ideal state.


Mother always Tulsidas to quote,

Revered Ramacharitamanasa he wrote,


Blessing from above the elder brother,

Greatest well-wisher and steady protector.


Younger siblings to you ever so dear,

With such fortune why then the constant fear?


Sita and Rama daily you get to see,

Glorifying them happy you should be.


The most of this wonderful opportunity take,

Waste not a moment, fruitful this life make.


Painful poverty and disease you did avoid,

With difficult religious paths you never toyed.


Path of chanting holy names to you shown,

Choice is yours now, destiny you own.

My Hanuman

Shri Hanuman is very brave,

With speed the day he comes to save.


Of Sita and Rama very well he knows,

Whether chanting or fighting, full devotion he shows.


An ideal example to devotees gives,

On how their lives should be lived.


God’s power no excuse for you to rest,

With action put your devotion to the test.


For resting on laurels Hanuman would not be faulted,

For from efforts in Lanka he is most exalted.


But humility in him that is clear,

To devotee’s makes him more dear.


To serve Sita and Rama he’s always ready,

On that beloved Hanuman keep your mind steady.

Very Sneaky

From clutches of maya I was shook,

And then slowly my friends You took.


At work lost in bhakti’s bliss,

That surroundings changed went unnoticed.


The more and more Your name I say,

The more old friends and family go away.


But now where am I to go for friendship?

For pleasing is safety of comradeship.


Outcomes not in my control, alas,

My fate only in Your complete grasp.


On the steady course I’ll stay,

And Your names with pleasure I’ll say.

Spending the Day

For young child how to spend the day?

Well, why not with cows to play?


Yashoda’s delight duty surely does know,

So to field with the calves to go.


Such work for Him not hard,

Cows in full joy move every yard.


Sacred are Krishna’s marks left on the ground,

And cherished is His wonderful flute’s sound.


Cows follow Him through Vrindavana’s hills,

And in affection their bags with milk to fill.


Is it any wonder that my Lord such a delight?

His play with cows such a lovely sight.

Trusting Him

O mind, this about Krishna you should know,

That with full trust the cows with Him go.


In His presence there is no fear,

Like their own child He is forever dear.


Take His company and your tensions release,

In worrying over outcomes immediately cease.


Difficult for you as mind is so obstinate,

That you’ll find some kind of worry is definite.


Fully aware, in His hands the flute to take,

And with it most enchanting sound to make.


Wayward cows then to Krishna run,

Lost attention then there is none.


That same sound in holy names you’ll find,

Recite them daily, O weary and troubled mind.

Rising From Nothing

Of a loving home immediately bereft,

As at time of birth no parents left.


Thus entering without a home,

In troubling world all alone.


Same story to hold throughout his life,

His struggles by himself to fight.


Oh but there was one person always on guard,

Who held the helpless poet in highest regard.


Through devotion Tulsidas to prominence to rise,

With Rama’s support nothing a surprise.


As a famous poet soon all to know,

From low to high, his love for Rama never let go.

What Did He Have

At time of birth’s starting place,

No hint of support, not a trace.


In possessions not even a thing,

Parents’ abandonment, loneliness’ sting.


That youth one day prominence to reach,

The meaning of life to fools like me to teach.


Devotion to Rama all the wealth one needs,

Chanting holy names real hunger to feed.


This truth by many I am told,

Still, for Tulsi greatest affection I hold.


From his life and many poems too,

Know for sure of God’s existence true.

The Best Wife

Manliness in men,

Chastity in women.


These qualities the respective to test,

To see if one stands above the rest.


Wife of Shri Rama the most chaste,

Not a thought on any other to waste.


How good this makes Him feel?

Indebtedness to her automatically to seal.


Never a worry that she will ever waver,

So Rama her company always to savor.


Such devotion brings warmth to my heart,

Remembering Sita for day best way to start.

Favorite Image

Image of Krishna chariot driving,

Justice to Kurus soon arriving.


In another standing by Radha’s side,

In His heart with Him she resides.


In one holding flute tall He stands,

With cows on sacred Vrajabhumi land.


Stealing butter with Balarama delightful sight,

In dark room their jewels provide the light.


These images certainly precious and rare,

But at one in particular I like to stare.


Where dear mother offers food for child’s sake,

In her lap darling of Vrindavana she takes.


Yashoda and Krishna let me always see,

A more delightful vision there can never be.