The Golden God

Through Him Your life will change forever,

His form, beauty and knowledge life’s golden treasure.


On the fumes of material existence I was suffocating,

Now chanting Krishna’s names, the sounds are intoxicating.


In this life I was born a fool,

Left to swim in maya’s pool.


But along came Lord Chaitanya to the rescue,

Though He is Shri Krishna, His body is not blue.


Smile enchanting and complexion golden,

For saving me to Gauranga I am beholden.


With His army of disciples the fallen He delivers,

Never take His mercy for granted, greatest giver.


When people say He is Krishna, His ears He covers,

But worship Him as God I will, may I honor Him forever.


Shri Gauranga

Always accompanied by His brother Nityananda,

The most merciful of all is Lord Gauranga.


A sight for the sorest eyes is His golden, divine vision,

To distribute the holy name to the world is His mission.


To go back to godhead, to return to Krishna, that is the goal,

To whomever He would meet, He would request “Haribol.”


So sublime was His chanting,

Surpassed only by His dancing.


The true emotions of real bhakti,

He revealed through His shakti.


Intense love for Krishna, He was caught by the fever,

In the power of the holy name, He made me a believer.


In every village will be heard His name, through every inch of space,

I chant the names of Krishna and Rama to put a smile on His face.


Around India did Mahaprabhu travel,

At one story in particular did He marvel.


To the vow of the brahmana whose logic went amiss.

Did Sakshi-gopala testify, the deity as witness.


A long time ago, two brahmanas there were,

To a marriage arrangement they both did concur.


“To you my young friend I will give the hand of my daughter,

You have treated me well, as if I were your father.”


Since he was very poor, the younger was hesitant to accept,

“In stature you are superior to me, surely your family will object.”


The younger then made the elder swear before the deity,

Sakshi-gopala, Shri Krishna Himself, the reservoir of beauty.


But when he returned home, the elder’s family did not agree,

“What kind of deal have you made, this is crazy don’t you see?”


When the younger visited the elder to see if the marriage was set,

The elder replied, “There is no deal.  What I said before I forget.”


The younger then asked Sakshi-gopala for help, to the deity he did talk.

“I will testify to the truth.  Go to his home, behind you I will walk.”


Thus on the road the young brahmana Sakshi-gopala, the deity, did follow,

After hearing the truth from Shri Krishna, his humble pie the elder did swallow.


By the mercy of the Lord the elder finally gave up his objection,

The deity is Shri Krishna Himself, so to devoted it gives all protection.


In hearing this story Shri Krishna Chaitanya always did delight,

Reciting it now, I pray that He may shine His mercy upon me so bright.