Becoming Modern

Following dawn of industrialization,

Convenience result of modernization.


Since in so many new things set,

Now easier my future to forget.


Like how in different body I’ll be,

And all from this life no longer to see.


Despite so many objects attention to distract,

Chant holy names and maintain focus exact.


Paradoxes In God

With spiritual form of binding free,

Still with spiritual eyes everything to see.


Despite having legs none,

With speed of the wind can run.


Vow like Himalayas impossible to move,

Plaything for gopis in commanding mood.


In Supreme Lord these contradictions and more,

Further reasons for all-attractive one to adore.

Better Than Prapti

Very far with my hand to reach,

Taking object desired each.


From prapti siddhi of yoga done,

Acquired from steadiness with distractions none.


Bhakti yet superior to that still,

Devotional service boundless joy to fill.


For certain fact difficult to believe,

From a little faith knowledge to receive.

Reasons To Be Confident

Shiva angry, Brahma after daughter chased,

How us mortals to prevent efforts erased?


How in devotional service to succeed,

When illusion of steady assault to proceed?


Examples from Pandavas and Arjuna see,

And Dhruva, even of material desires was he.


Hanuman, for Rama to ends of earth going,

Lord from within knowledge lamp glowing.

What He’s Been Right About

How to be sure of afterlife without sight?

Trust Krishna and many times He’s been right.


How detrimental to eat and sleep too much,

And anger coming from kama just a touch.


How the spiritual master real knowledge giving,

Example of reformed souls, past and today living.


People following what great men do,

Like Prabhupada, Janaka and others too.

Not A Fairytale

Afterlife just another fairytale we’re told,

No proof, no way to witness it unfold.


Better on advancements of science to rely,

Than on reaching heaven to try.


Truth of the matter from Vedas getting,

That changing body, at time of death resetting.


Future just another point in time,

Today soon the past, identity same to find.

Understanding Luck

Luck be on my side tonight,

So that future to always remain bright.


But in every case working out not,

Some succeed, others failure have got.


As karma and destiny in Vedas explained,

Also when Lakshmi’s favor is gained.


Sukriti meritorious credits getting,

Blessed in devotion, material life forgetting.