For Rama – 107

Devotion to Rama all that you need,

Everything from there to feed.


Like water to the root giving,

Ensures all branches living.


Not necessary for elsewhere to go,

From Lord all that’s required to know.


Ramayana my favorite book of all,

Above the rest standing tall.

For Rama – 106

Hanuman the path has set,

How highest benefit to get.


Beyond heavenly planets to go,

Devotion to remain forever so.


Example and helping taught,

Like with ring to Sita brought.


Power from inscribed name coming,

When chanted darkness then running.

For Rama – 103

Rama of such amazing treasure,

His value no way to measure.


For this reason Adhokshaja the name,

In comparison to Him none the same.


Saints of the past like bridge to make,

So safely across wretches like this to take.


How properly that gift to repay,
To glorify Him, no other way.