For Hanuman – 108

For now of sane body and mind,

Some proficiency in talking you’ll find.


As long as that ability to remain,

My action’s direction the same.


Thoughts to Shri Hanuman to go,

Who Sita and Rama truly does know.


To please him with my work to try,

On his strength and honor to rely.


For Hanuman – 106

Like stepping out of cold and into the light,

Hanuman warm like the sun shining bright.


From passing time this body starting to age,

Like fountain of youth Ramayana page after page.


Book of beauty Hanuman does make,

Of his thoughts and deeds advantage take.


Live under the glorious spiritual sun,

And with misery and despair be forever done.

For Hanuman – 103

When to gather brothers’ intentions to try,

Beautiful Sanskrit verses composed on the fly.


Easy since love safely resides in his heart,

Thus situated properly right from the start.


If at beginning perfect words to send,

Imagine then how great poetry at the end.


For Hanuman a curtain call there is never,

To continue to worship Sita and Rama forever.

For Hanuman – 102

Returning to monkeys taking his seat,

Events in Lanka through tale to repeat.


Same beautiful words in Ramayana found,

In Sundara-kanda his glories abound.


Vedas consist of works so many,

But one like Hanuman there are not any.


For Sita and Rama fearlessly he goes,

From where such a friend came no one knows.

For Hanuman – 100

Journey through life of anger and hate,

Death to come one day, everyone’s fate.


Before to arrive that dreaded time,

Let me make the most of this life of mine.


Praise for Hanuman let me offer some,

For in devotion better than him there are none.


To most blessed Sita and Rama he’s dear,

Devotion to him to conquer greatest fear.

For Hanuman – 99

For poetic composition no skill,

In strong embarrassment to continue still.


Only one thing to cover my shame,

That I include Shri Hanuman’s name.


Since to Sita and Rama he’s so dear,

Must write something despite my fear.


Like ant challenging mountain, an order tall,

Upon the son of the wind for help I call.