For Hanuman – 58

Though making offer with utmost care,

Still insults Hanuman had to bear.


Since proposed to take her on his back,

Sita said that intelligence he lacked.


Time for ego guarding not now,

Sita looking only to protect her vow.


Real love means you don’t mind what they say,

So Hanuman dear to Sita still to this day.

For Hanuman – 57

How Janaka’s daughter’s hopes to save,

No one advice to Hanuman gave.


Since in journey to Lanka alone,

For decisions to use instincts his own.


Devotee of Rama never intelligence without,

Thus for Hanuman’s success never a doubt.


Same intelligence not in me to use,

But in glorifying him still I choose.

For Hanuman – 55

As full knowledge in him resided,

To speak in Sanskrit he decided.


That he was educated would be known,

Unique presence to Sita to be shown.


Of course for God the language is meant,

Thus words of praise for Rama he sent.


Through invoking her beloved’s name,

Sita to know from where Hanuman came.