Competitive Fire

When eyes on new task set,
Very competitive I get.

So as to keep in control my pride,
To one person first I confide.

Just his name simply to say,
Then back into work’s way.

As most glorious Lakshmana my mind to bless,
No matter the outcome, always a success.

Left Me All Alone

Now I finally see what you’ve done,
Left with me friends not a one.

Though quiet endlessly I can talk,
And somehow prevented on this way to walk.

Prefer that my words reserved for you?
No issue, this I can certainly do.

But my constant loneliness you should know,
Nowhere else, only to your lotus feet I go.

Just From Sight

Just from one look at Tulsidas to get,

And mind immediately righteously set.


Care not from where it did come,

Now of focused mission just one.


To glorify the Supreme Lord ever still,

Pages with devotional wisdom to fill.


And honor and memory of Tulsidas to prop,

Welcoming responsibility, the ball not to drop.

Give Me The Strength

O Lord please know that I’m weak,
Material rewards so quickly I seek.

Like your brothers staying strong,
For resolve in devotion I long.

Lakshmana, Bharata and Shatrughna stay,
On righteous path, showing me the way.

To trifles so much importance I give,
Rather for your interest I should live.

Trouble In Service

With devotees advised to associate,
From saintly men never disassociate.

But if speakers in ignorance what about?
And with common sense and virtue without?

Their company shouldn’t I shun?
Fast from the stupid my instinct to run.

As names of Lord repeated some worth,
Even if in basic knowledge a dearth.

O Lord just look what I do,
So much tolerated just for you [smile].