His Most Beloved

From Krishna all different sparks of energy,

Spiritual,  material, everything that you see.


Thus to Krishna everyone is related,

Whether in His company or separated.


But who the most dear to the darling with the flute,

Who charms everyone with His smile, His face so cute?


Can anyone not be dear to the Lord, the father of man,

Does not God love everyone as much as one can?


Krishna loving equally all of His children,

But to one person His heart particularly given.


Shrimati Radharani, the beloved queen of Gokula,

Enchants Krishna with her devotion, His heart to rule.


In remembering Krishna, seeing Radha by His side,

So intense a love, feelings for each other never to hide.


Her Beaming Face

Her face like a moon so bright,

For Krishna most beloved sight.


Enchanted by her complexion so fair,

Like a Chakora at her face to stare.


Amazing indeed is Shri Radha’s effect,

Height of devotion her mood to reflect.


From devotion only Shyamasundara’s heart won,

In such area like Radharani there are none.


If in sincerity her blessings you seek,

Treasure of Krishna-bhakti you’ll keep.