Wishes For The Newborn

Greatest blessing coming to you,

That holding in arms your child new.


The most happiness in future let them see,

From ignorance and passion be free.


Good fortune through guru getting seed,

Creeper into tree through devotion to feed.


To take up bhakti most important of all,

Let Shri Krishna be best friend to call.


Telling Us About Rama

If education on Rama wish to earn,

From Hanuman’s words just learn.


That Lord most resplendent of all,

Highly honored by the saints to call.


Even with beautiful wife of Sita the name,

In brahmacharya from sex life to refrain.


By His arrows the sadhus protected,

Through His example righteousness projected.

Names Of Rama

Rama also as Dasharati known,

Appearing in affectionate father’s home.


Janakinatha, protector of king’s daughter,

Won contest drawn up by the father.


Ramachandra like the moon so bright,

To Ikshvaku dynasty giving delight.


Hero of Raghu clan appearing,

From world Rakshasa influence clearing.

Serving Without Motive

Person who with Krishna name to call,

Can indeed be all things to people all.


Advance through pure bhakti trying,

Not looking for your orders supplying.


Examples of Hanuman and Bharata take,

And gopis dancing through moonlit night awake.


The spiritual master home for others forsaking,

With him light of the divine wherever taking.

Names Of Krishna

With a beautiful son Yashoda blessed,

On His pinky finger massive hill to rest.


Brightness to Vrindavana like the moon,

Gopis from separation in ecstasy’s swoon.


Shyamasundara since with complexion blue,

Beautiful in every aspect, inside and out too.


Krishna by many other names is known,

All attractiveness in Him alone.

The Best Husband Ever

If bent towards criticism in mind,

Know that Rama best husband to find.


Gravity-defying bow for wife will lift,

Steady consciousness of Him to gift.


Situation for Sita the fire pit to ascend,

So that proof of chastity to entire world to send.


Won over by love, listening to her so,

Allowing her to forest with Him go.

The Maha-Mantra

Through sound coming Divine sight,

From maha-mantra all people to unite.


Proficiency in Sanskrit don’t need,

Just with sixteen words proceed.


In a special sequence, at any time say,

With love towards Lord’s heart the way.


Chaitanya Mahaprabhu to everyone blessing,

Always to chant Hari’s names stressing.

Lord Shiva

To destroy world when time to expire,

Acting as spiritual master for population entire.


To demons some good association giving,

For pious blessings for devotional living.


In charge of mode of ignorance though,

Spotless is his character know.


Lord Shiva, in Kashi giving jewel of the ear,

Departing souls name of Rama to hear.

Not Said To Arjuna

Bhagavad-gita Krishna’s words to say,

Sent to distressed warrior’s way.


Having to work just as much relevance,

What is not there, remarks of absence.


Arjuna told that he is God never,

Nor that happiness in kama forever.


God a person, different from you and me,

Be devoted to Him and from maya be free.