Amazing Tulsidas

So much wonderful writing he has done,

But where from did this amazing saint come?


If all good elements Brahma should take,

Still, ever such a being he could make?


Unsolved still goes on this great mystery,

Of saint who in Hindi sang Ramayana history.


Not surprising Hanuman by his side,

For holder of greatest devotion inside.


Tulsidas in full surrender to sing,

Eloquent verses together to string.


Of his origin only Sita and Rama know,

Til then in glorifying him on I go.


A Fateful Meeting

At a young age bhakti in him excited,

Fateful meeting with guru again reignited.


Course of my history to change from that day,

Had profound effect what the guru did say.


From that instruction future Prabhupada was born,

To give cure for suffering world of intelligence shorn.


Transformation not to happen right away,

But in him Bhaktisiddhanta’s words to stay.


That young disciple soon to start a spiritual revolution,

His tireless preaching to remove many a mind’s confusion.


I worship him who Bhaktivedanta name to earn,

His favor upon me no way ever to return.

My Preferred Abode

Newborn enters the world, where to play, what to do?

Find field where grass always green and sky always blue.


Many days for me around this field already revolved,

Now settling on my permanent home of consciousness evolved.


Where is such place, where time and space having no effect?

A field with the most beauty and charm for thoughts to direct.


The glories of Shri Rama now my preferred abode,

Living in works of Tulsidas, in every poem, in every ode.


From strength of love for Rama produced poems many,

I desire no other home, nor riches, nor delights, not any.


To where his poems are read, to where they are honored,

May I always live there, Rama’s glories remembered.

Kind and Sweet

In front of His murti take your seat,
Take comfort from His smile so sweet.

No one in the world is more kind,
Knows exactly what’s in your mind.

To you the whole world He’ll give,
If in devotion to Him you live.

From enemy attack He’ll defend,
A helping hand also He’ll lend.

So your eyes to His vision send,
And on His mercy only depend.

Who Should Be Worshiped

On the sidelines I sit,

So by criticism won’t be hit.


In my nature to be silent,

On others efforts to be reliant.


In field of devotion heroes are the vocal,

Who of unabashed enthusiasm are full.


To places far and wide they head,

For glories of Vishnu-bhakti to spread.


Absent their efforts where or what would I be?

Sunken in apathy, only ignorance to see.


Perhaps type and many words I can write,

But in persuading others in me no might.


Strength sourced in preachers with no fear,

To Krishna and to me they are forever dear.

Breaking the Bow

Muni following,

To Janakpur He gets,

On raising Shiva’s bow His sights are set.


Many princes there,

To lift the bow they try,

But only Shri Rama bounds of logic to defy.


With full strength,

From heaven sent,

To marry beloved Sita only Shri Rama is meant.


Bow in hand,

Torn asunder,

Spell of transcendental charm all are under.


Sita and Rama’s coming together most beautiful tale,

Their glories the Vaishnavas saints always to hail.

Her Beaming Face

Her face like a moon so bright,

For Krishna most beloved sight.


Enchanted by her complexion so fair,

Like a Chakora at her face to stare.


Amazing indeed is Shri Radha’s effect,

Height of devotion her mood to reflect.


From devotion only Shyamasundara’s heart won,

In such area like Radharani there are none.


If in sincerity her blessings you seek,

Treasure of Krishna-bhakti you’ll keep.

Best Brother in the World

When arrives the time for sleep,

Instead attention for another to keep.


The same for when arriving time to eat,

At mealtime awaits patiently at his seat.


Eating or sleeping Rama first he must see,

Only then to act is Lakshmana free.


This is his vow personally adopted,

For service to Rama in life he opted.


Younger’s stature this superior makes,

Supreme delight from him Rama takes.


Their mutual love melts my heart too,

Lakshmana, the best brother this world ever knew.

Immeasurable Strength

Armed with immeasurable strength,
For Rama ready to go any length.

After plight of King Sugriva he told,
On shoulders Rama and Lakshmana to hold.

To reach Lanka leaping through air,
To find princess of beauty so fair.

With the wicked Rakshasas he fought,
Hint of their future demise he brought.

From strength in devotion highest stature to earn,
Sita and Rama’s welfare his only concern.