Waking Up Is Hard To Do

Now the dawn of a new day,
But how to get going on my way?

As before the Supreme Lord adore,
And His divine mercy don’t ignore.

To act selfishly the easy path,
But complacency’s misery the aftermath.

Fixed worship surely a fight,
But your spirits it will excite.

Of Sita and Rama think and write,
Then always to start the day right.


Rocks Are Enough

Rocks for Vanaras are enough,
For in battle to remain tough.

From time to time surely to bleed,
But Rama’s leadership all they need.

Without scruples the enemies to fight,
Seen now, then disappear from sight.

The way of the Vanaras I choose,
Through Rama’s ability never to lose.

Leaving Us in Awe

Caring not whether you think he’s real or fake,

Away from the side of brother none can take.


That enhancer of Sumitra’s delight,

Can be seen to Shri Rama’s right.


Always with Rama through thick or thin,

Drove away Shurpanakha of mighty sin.


Ended the life of Ravana’s powerful son,

In fighting and honor like him there are none.


That love which Nishada chief saw,

Leaves devoted souls in appreciative awe.

Not to Sit Idly By

Why idly by will I sit?

Why from pressure decide to quit?


As long as I have the power to speak,

I’ll honor he for whom love I keep.


Through good luck increased my intelligence,

Will use for honoring brother of magnificence.


Though to Shri Rama he is younger,

In dedication than him none stronger.


Endless words to my mind the Lord gave,

Why those precious thoughts will I quietly save?


This life for Lakshmana’s glory to enhance,

Will make best use of this wonderful chance.

Favorite Verse

From Vedas so many verses come,

Difficult to choose only a single one.


In Ramayana’s end favorite for me,

That allowing Lakshmana’s love to see.


Before to formidable foe fateful arrow sent,

His thoughts to Rama’s character went.


Victory to arrive on that brother’s strength,

Released arrow travelled just the right length.


Whether I find trouble or peace,

My love for that verse never to cease.

Always Alert

Of foreign enemies always alert,

His brother Rama never to desert.


Attackers may come or may not,

But his attention never to drop.


Love for Rama fills his heart,

Thinks of him from day’s end to start.


Measure of man through company test,

From Lakshmana know that Shri Rama the best.

No Giant Leap

From slumber didn’t need to awaken,

Never brother Rama to be forsaken.


Left home for forest in a heartbeat,

Not afraid any situation to meet.


Always to stay by his brother’s side,

In protection mode in forest to reside.


Abandoning home for Lakshmana no giant leap,

His company this heart hoping to always keep.

At The Ready

Younger brother I am too,
In behavior I try to follow you.

Carrying bow, walking so innocent,
In protecting Rama so magnificent.

Though your vision makes me cry,
To remember it I always try.

Strength comes from your resolve shown,
Knowledge of devotion you own.

With arrow ready in attention you sit,
Never an attack on Shri Rama to hit.