The Friendliest of All

Friends of mine see many,

But give benefit do any?


The most to me who gave?

From ocean of nescience to save.


From sadhu a gift of value,

Knowledge of authenticity true.


For guilt-free conscience to rightfully earn,

Gift of devotion to spread, favor to return.


Vishvamitra With Rama And Lakshmana

He with a brother of complexion fair,

Both entrusted to great sage’s care.


He wears cloth that is yellow and his brother’s blue,

Vishvamitra to Janaka’s kingdom accompanies the two.


Affectionate muni their caretaker,

Acting like sun, the day’s maker.


The three waiting for Rama bow to take,

That image this mind never to forsake.


Like red and yellow flowers blossoming are they,

In Vishvamitra’s company, in whose heart they stay.

The Biggest Fraud

Known to myself only as the biggest fraud.

My knowledge to fit in thimble so small.


Consider that philosophy and God I know so much,

But ideas and words due only to Vaishnavas’ touch.


From Bhaktivedanta Swami lifting philosophy,

From Tulsidas copying semblance of poetry.


From others taking ideas here and there,

And then proudly with community to share.


One good thing that still to gain benefit,

As by the side of saints always to sit.


O mind, forget not the magnificence of your teachers,

Though honoring them not, still kind to this poor creature.


With my humble offering of works I pray,

That in my mind they forever comfortably stay.

Who Should Be Worshiped

On the sidelines I sit,

So by criticism won’t be hit.


In my nature to be silent,

On others efforts to be reliant.


In field of devotion heroes are the vocal,

Who of unabashed enthusiasm are full.


To places far and wide they head,

For glories of Vishnu-bhakti to spread.


Absent their efforts where or what would I be?

Sunken in apathy, only ignorance to see.


Perhaps type and many words I can write,

But in persuading others in me no might.


Strength sourced in preachers with no fear,

To Krishna and to me they are forever dear.