Vishnu Worship

When proper assessment to take,

What in Vishnu-worship unique to make?


On future impact to assess,

Not always to accept request.


For God’s personal welfare praying,

That associates always by His side staying.


If understanding of Him I have got,

Then automatically rebirth to stop.


This Journey Through Life

Guru knowledge from experience brought,

Including also what parampara has taught.


People in stiff competition with one another,

Hatred everywhere, even family disliking each other.


By thought of food to go mad,

Over changing body becoming sad.


Only in bhakti-yoga happiness real,

With progress, more of Krishna to reveal.

The Best Welfare Work

Through years passing in evolutionary chain,

Finally auspicious human form to gain.


For connecting with the Divine is meant,

Not for in angst and unhappiness spent.


To reawaken spiritual consciousness the best,

Welfare work, proper understanding the test.


Finite resources, helping one then another to ignore,

Not so in bhakti, room always for more and more.

Praying For Stuff

Despite every opulence to see,

Still unsatisfied was he.


Hiranyakashipu, to Brahma praying,

Blessed with boons, save immortality saying.


Since over senses victory not gained,

Precious contentment never attained.


Offensive when attack on son forced upon,

Through Narasimha instantly everything gone.

A Vegetarian Diet

Into intelligent species of human sent,

For austerity that life is meant.


Avoiding certain foods is way one,

Meat, fish and eggs consumed none.


With meat in future karma reaction,

Yogi sleeps and eats in moderation.


For Krishna’s benefit best reason of all,

Returned offering prasadam to call.

Something Special

That bhakti something special to be,

From example of saints can see.


No more standing, loss of fame,

Not much money from it to gain.


Interest in things no longer there,

Since constantly of Krishna aware.


The positive everything else outweighing,

Higher taste from just Lord’s name saying.