For Hanuman – 28

With one look at Lanka’s city to take,

Seemed as if his will to break.


How monkey army this to overcome?

By opulence and ferocity to be undone.


But would take much more to break his will,

In search for Sita he would continue still.


Rama chose the servant that was right,

No stopping until Janaki in sight.


For Hanuman – 27

So many gods, at least one to choose,

Worship so maya’s company to lose.


But all gods certainly not the same,

Some only provide material gain.


The god with beautiful monkey face,

Assigned significant power, a special place.


Devotion to God he’ll easily give,

So that with Shri Rama always to live.

For Hanuman – 26

Can you imagine an ocean to cross,

With single leap as means to get across?


Since difficult for in your mind to sit,

Such a feat you’ll likely discount as myth.


From Rama’s qualities certainly know,

That his devotee anywhere can go.


Even in this wretch’s heart he can live,

And devotion to Shri Rama give.

For Hanuman – 25

That Hanuman who over ocean did leap,

Along with Sita and Rama in my heart to keep.


“The worship others” advice not to work with me,

His beautiful devotion only my eyes to see.


Like covering mighty ocean with flight,

And in Lanka starting massive fire bright.


How so much love he does feel,

In front of Rama and Sita to kneel.

For Hanuman – 24

Guard of Lanka her city to protect,

Intruder in Hanuman she did detect.


Identity as servant of God unaware,

To allow him entry she would not dare.


When in obstruction she did persist,

Hanuman removed her with his fist.


From your heart his entry don’t block,

Keep him there with devotion as your lock.

For Hanuman – 23

Since devotion only his heart knows,

In proper direction always he goes.


Crossing the ocean difficult task made,

But from chance of failure not afraid.


Simhika and Surasa his path to impede,

But with intelligence forward to succeed.


Full devotion with body, mind and speech,

Heroically the shores of Lanka to reach.

For Hanuman – 22

Hard for into poetic glorification to launch,

For to material ways this heart is staunch.


Defiant of laws of God and His will,

Happiness in kama I think there is still.


But time for knowing Brahman is now,

So glorify God with words, but how?


With inspiration from Hanuman to take,

At least attempt at right path to make.