Every Kind Of Happiness

Janakpur is the most auspicious place,

For its earth did Sita Devi grace.


She is the goddess of fortune, giver of delight,

Divine is her vision, so sweet is her sight.


Residents felt all types of happiness,

Having her around, joyful was even sadness.


Day of ceremony Shri Rama they got to see,

With brother Lakshmana, devoted to Rama was he.


Seeing two princes arrive that day,

Felt boundless joy coming their way.


In bhakti life anything but dull,

Vision of Lord supremely delightful.


Of all good things in Janakpur Sita was the center,

Allowed for residents path of liberation to enter.



Tilaka is the sacred mark to treasure,

Reminds one of Vishnu, reservoir of pleasure.


The tilaka on the head Vaishnavas do show,

So that their link to Vishnu others can know.


Tulsidas says that earth of Tirahut is the tilaka,

Place where Sita lived with father Janaka.


Hosted the greatest marriage of all time,

Brought princes from around the world, every kind.


Land earned tilaka status with Rama’s arrival,

His lifting of Shiva’s bow, secured Sita’s nuptial.


Works of the saints are like travelling pilgrimage place,

Its pages bring God’s company, put smile on the face.


Janaka forever celebrated for his pious nature,

His ceremony for Sita’s wedding mind’s treasure.

Good Day To Be Alive

The poet to embark on writing marriage story,

Of Sita and Rama, endowed with every glory.


The self-choice ceremony held on a good day,

Auspiciousness with listener to stay.


Man to love stories given to hearing,

Which in mind creates visions worth seeing.


Apply same technique but to the Supreme Lord,

Reservoir for divine service in heart is stored.


Story of wedding where Rama did win Sita’s hand,

Was so known to everyone across the land.


Yet still Anasuya to hear it again wanted,

Love for divine couple in her heart implanted.


To have Janaki and Rama in his vision,

To write song Tulsidas made the decision.


Svayamvara is where the story does start,

Hearing of which Sita and Rama stay in the heart.

Then Show Me

The principles of bhakti on how to live,

Do the merciful gurus to us give.


From that sublime and glorious wisdom,

Comes knowledge of how to reach God’s kingdom.


Those who write from the principles they know,

Cause the guru’s glories and fame to infinitely grow.


An example is Janaki Mangala, which Tulsidas did write,

Brings the marriage of Sita and Rama to anyone’s sight.


Story already told many times before,

In Puranas and Ramayana’s verses galore.


Poet sung the song in his own way,

To show that guru’s words in his mind did stay.


When the Lord of creatures is to the heart pleased,

Success of devotee’s efforts is always guaranteed.


The glories of guru extend through disciple’s words,

Which heal the troubled souls travelling the three worlds.

As I Understand It

From the guru sublime wisdom accept,

Sanctity of bhakti principles to protect.


But listener not to just absorb like a sponge,

To describe glories of the Lord can one take the plunge.


Story of Sita and Rama’s marriage already known,

But extra pleasure in telling in way of our own.


To speak about God is the source of supreme pleasure,

The recorded songs and poems of saints life’s treasure.


With folded hands and bowing down does Tulsi sing,

Wedding of Sita and Rama, happiness to heart bring.

Auspicious Invocation

On singing about marriage to embark,

Of Sita and Rama, sentiments from the heart.


So that story in right way he can tell,

Poet invokes names of devas to help.


Because seed of devotion comes from spiritual master,

At his lotus feet Tulsidas first to offer.


To ensure that obstacles are removed,

Honor Ganesha, path for devoted is smoothed.


Worship Uma with Shankara to her right,

In hearing of Sita and Rama they delight.


Since desire to write song in heart yearning,

Worshiped Sarasvati, goddess of learning.


Also honored Brihaspati, the lord of speech,

And Shesha, Shuka and saints, Vedas they teach.


Devotion to Vishnu knowledge does it feed,

To worship others one does not need.


But Tulsidas offers invocation out of respect,

For humble soul success in devotion we expect.