For Rama – 76

Hopes once again to rise,

When looking up at skies.


The aerial car coming near,

To return to them one most dear.


To light lamps and sing songs,

Rama gone from home for too long.


But now with Sita and friends to return,

Most beautiful sight deserving eyes to earn.


For Rama – 75

Diwali popularly known today,

Started long ago on special day.


When Rama and friends to Him dear,

Returning after gone for many a year.


With many lamps the people taking,

For their beloved homecoming making.


From aerial car an amazing sight,

For which even today people delight.

For Rama – 74

Hanuman towards Bharata went,

By elder Shri Rama was sent.


Coming to Ayodhya matter at hand,

Reigning king’s mindset to understand.


Son of Kaikeyi so happy to hear,

That returning to him the most dear.


A celebration for ages soon to come,

And Rama Ayodhya’s leader to become.

For Rama – 73

After upset with her pretended,

Sita and Rama aerial car ascended.


Lord then to her various spots showing,

As towards home of Ayodhya going.


Place of Mainaka mountain helping where,

And built bridge to Lanka there.


Done for beautiful wife’s sake,

All risks Sitanatha ready to take.

For Rama – 72

Bhakti life automatically free of sin,

Just dedicate everything to Him.


Who as husband of Sita is known,

Whose kindness throughout Ramayana shown.


Never again to be in need,

With confidence in this path proceed.


The example from Hanuman take,

And most of this valuable life make.

For Rama – 71

War with Rakshasas coming at a cost,

Valiant warriors, monkey lives lost.


When seeing Dasharatha again clear,

Asked to revive to Him so dear.


Though of civilized behavior lacking,

With fearless love the enemy attacking.


Those Vanaras Rama loving so much,

Brought to life again with transcendental touch.

For Rama – 70

Poems to His lotus feet to send,

Rama’s glories knowing no end.


Hearing pastimes clearing sin,

In nectar of Ramayana’s ocean to swim.


So many things daily to remember,

To occupy mind from January to December.


Glorious when couple reuniting,

People of Ayodhya soon delighting.

For Rama – 68

Chastity of Sita always to know,

But wanting for entire world to show.


So at first not taking her back,

Maybe with Ravana now love to lack?


Rama with this emotion pretended,

So Vaidehi then fire pit ascended.


Most honor to the devotees giving,

Since for Him only living.