Strange Are His Ways

The ways of creator can’t predict,

Pain in some and others pleasure to sit.


King’s infamy with broken vow to spread,

Sticking with the truth better instead.


Arrangement by Supreme Lord set,

Hand of beautiful Sita He’d get.


Worry’s increase fame to contest brought,

Rama to win, Janaka’s word not to go for naught.


King’s Oath

“Why King Janaka do you blame?

Never to family will he bring shame.


If of Rama’s qualities he knew before,

Sita to Him he’d give for sure.


The promise has already been made,

Best if to vow dedicated he stays.”


Spectators to stay worried not for long,

Soon to be singing glorious union’s song.


Through following deeds meritorious,

People to see beloved Rama victorious.


King had taken his vow,

Couldn’t go back on it now.


System of piety God first creates,

Sukriti’s results therefore He makes.


Rama is God, so fate of His deeds sealed,

In His mighty arms bow of Shiva to wield.

A Good Deed

In past lived through so much pain,

Where did it lead, where was the gain?


A pious plant when watered at root,

Will yield many a sweet-tasting fruit.


Past actions were bad you may have thought,

But good when to Supreme Lord they brought.


Uncertain future to come from Janaka’s vow,

But fortunate residents looking at God now.

Complementary Objects

To the truth a pious king is deferent,

Like a nose decorated with ring ornament.


If the emperor to lose his clothes,

Then in embarrassment he goes.


King Janaka previously had a vow,

To which he should hold steadfast now.


For Sita Rama was surely right,

Known just from first sight.


Rama to validate the king’s decision,

Lifted bow in His hands a wonderful vision.

Shooting Daggers

If Rama lost then the contest to be moot,

Loving Him, daggers at king people shoot.


From his vow king should have taken a pause,

If Sita not to wed Rama he would be the cause.


Such love for God was very nice,

No need for worry, contest to suffice.


Shiva’s bow in His hand Rama held,

A victorious Lord devotees then beheld.

When The Night Has Fallen

When the moon rises at night,

Water-lily to open up at its light.


Kairava also known as the lotus white,

Rama like this, in assembly shining bright.


Was the moon of King Raghu’s line,

Which opened up at His shine.


Eyes of the rivals like the Chakora bird,

By Rama’s presence their emotions stirred.


Lord contest to win, pleasure to give,

With devotion in your heart He’ll always live.

Good Embarrassment

Devotion to Supreme Lord keep,

For greatest reward to reap.


Wanted to win contest did every king,

But from Shiva’s bow all to feel defeat’s sting.


Vision of Rama and Lakshmana to appreciate,

Saintly kings having respect appropriate.


Rivals who stayed obstinate then admonished,

Abandoning shame, their lives needlessly finished.

Attention To Duty

Vishvamitra to Ayodhya went,

His two sons then Dasharatha sent.


Sacrifices in forests ascetics did,

Rakshasas brothers then to rid.


Holding contest Janaka did his part,

Proved to be a decision very smart.


In love sage put hands on each head,

Like Kamadeva with flowers red.


To their dharma all parties thus true,

That Rama to win the wise knew.