Demigod Worship Results

When worship of demigods properly done,

The results then quickly to come.


To the illusion of identity strength giving,

That I am the doer, with false notion living.


Gods like Shiva diverted elsewhere in mind,

Focus on Rama, for worshipers not much time.


Land is temporary, so are things which to get,

Better if in devotion to Supreme Lord set.


The Sannyasa Ashrama

Chaitanya the sannyasa position taking,

So that benefit for others making.


First that from attachments free,

Can travel anywhere, sleep under a tree.


From there others respect to give,

Attention when hearing of how to live.


Sannyasa tool for in devotion becoming stronger,

Really a spirit, when attached to results no longer.

I Am Not God

That I am not God I tell to you,

Believe me for this is true.


Not always what I want getting,

Death when sun of life setting.


Again birth I will have to take,

Until from slumber of ignorance to awake.


Absent in Supreme Lord should know,

Protected when to His shelter to go.

Never Getting Old

Though for this game previously to pray,

To something else, no longer wishing to stay.


Bhakti-yoga not following pattern the same,

Ever fresh, like spring season just came.


Since with Krishna always something new,

More learning, contemplation of beautiful hue.


Chant, pray, or take meditation’s seat,

In devotion a way even to transcendentally eat.

Beyond God-Fearing

Without thoughts of future to go,

Atheists God only as death to know.


Better if inside some fear,

Having idea of afterlife clear.


Still from there something higher in to reside,

To have love for Lord, fear of Him cast aside.


Like Prahlada by demigods sent,

With love towards angry Narasimha went.

Saving His Friends

Our affection most deserving,

Since devotional life preserving.


Shri Krishna, of friends the best,

Asuras many times His ability to test.


Arishtasura by the horns literally taken,

Forest fire swallowed, friends not forsaken.


To defeat Kaliya into Yamuna to wade,

For Aghasura a giant form inside made.

Flag On The Chariot

When flag on Arjuna’s chariot to see,

Reminded of Hanuman, how wonderful is he.


How with brother Bhima one time met,

And broke Partha’s arrow-bridge carefully set.


Hanuman for Rama flying here and there,

By obstacles and dissuading time never scared.


A flag of devotion flying most of all,

Continuing in service, stature large or small.

Bhima and Hanuman

Towards Pandava group flower blew,

Draupadi asked to find origin, where it grew.


That search Bhima towards Hanuman brought,

Vayu-begotten brother then many things taught.


How devotion to God best blessing to seek,

And dharma diminishing with yuga each.


To stay on the flag of Arjuna agreed,

Combining with Bhima’s roar terrifying indeed.

Obligations Satisfied

Through forefathers making our way,

Debts to rishis and demigods also to pay.


Since living their favor through,

Helping every person, me and you.


Perform sacrifice, beget a son,

Study shastra to have obligations none.


Bhakti towards Mukunda for way more direct,

And all living entities the benefit to get.