The Two-Sided Weapon

That Rama shoots arrows know,

Towards His enemies they go.


But His servants also fly,

When in aiding Rama they try.


They carry weapon that is two-sided,

Like when Rama in Hanuman confided.


Like an arrow through wind shot,

To shores of Lanka Hanuman got.


Pain for Rakshasas sent,

But also to Sita he went.


He carried Rama’s message with strength,

To please the Lord he’ll go to any length.




Sweetest Sounds

Wherever he goes name of Narayana he chants,

Forget the Supreme Lord Narada Muni can’t.


Because boasting of singing prowess so bold,

To visit Hanuman one time he was told.


In Mahavira’s cave sounds never before heard,

Transcendental emotions in Narada stirred.


Great respect for Ramadutta he earned,

Of Sankat Mochan’s singing ability he learned.


Shri Hanuman, why keep those sounds from me?

I’m in need of your help, can’t you see?


Whether here or not, you I will not forget,

For on honoring you my heart is set.



Invest With Confidence

From Sugriva he passed every test,

And Rama with him hopes to invest.


Before entry into Lord’s camp he got,

In Hanuman’s words Vibhishana took stock.


Later Hanuman came to Lakshmana’s rescue,

So why don’t you trust him too?


A courageous savior like him there are none,

Invest in him for your worries to be done.


Chant holy names through his leadership,

And then the sweet nectar of devotion sip.



Hearing About Hanuman

To communicate eloquently you worry,

So to write so much you’re in a hurry.


What new idea will I come up with today?

The same thing in a new way let me say.


To compile so much why care?

Just relax and pull up a chair.


Hear only one line of his communication,

And watch your worry’s elimination.


So much available to you,

His words, thoughts and deeds too.


The best is to hear from Tulsidas praise,

Because in his heart Hanuman always stays.


In Hanuman’s triumphs rejoice,

And then improved will be your voice.



No Room For Nervousness

Nervous I always do get,

When in foreign territory my feet set.


When what to expect I don’t know,

The nervousness starts to grow.


In worst place Hanuman placed his feet,

Like home of Rakshasas unfamiliar with defeat.


How could he maintain his steady breath?

Knowing that at any corner instant death.


Love for Sita and Rama, that is how,

Worship that Hanuman, today and now.



Tears Overflowing

Hanuman is the best, how can you know?

To the Sundara Kand of Ramayana go.


His search finally to stop,

When vision of Sita he got.


In sadness surrounded by female ogres shrill,

Sita’s plight caused his eyes with tears to fill.


Bravest warrior, compassion he also feels,

Before Sita and Rama in devotion he kneels.



Mellifluous Tones

You sing the holy names aloud,

And of your ability you are proud.


But know that the best is Hanuman the brave,

Sings of Sita and Rama alone in a cave.


As mind turned toward divine direction,

His chanting always to perfection.


The same singing in others he’s eager to hear,

Travels to Rama’s temples, whether far or near.


He’s brave and humble, so what did you expect?

Perfection of devotional qualities in him detect.


When fortunate to chant, keep him in mind,

Your consciousness Hanuman hopefully to find.