Rocks Are Enough

Rocks for Vanaras are enough,
For in battle to remain tough.

From time to time surely to bleed,
But Rama’s leadership all they need.

Without scruples the enemies to fight,
Seen now, then disappear from sight.

The way of the Vanaras I choose,
Through Rama’s ability never to lose.


Running Strong

From Kishkindha coming warriors of might,

For Rama’s sake ready to bring the fight.


By Ravana done an iniquitous deed,

Taking away Sita, who now to be freed.


Forward on the battlefield the monkeys course,

Their motivation strong, unrelenting their force.


Using as weapons uprooted trees,

For dropping the demons all they did need.


So many monkeys, from where have they come?

Though Ravana an expert at fight, now he is done.


The demons having expertise and dedication to sin,

But with the Vanaras Hanuman, through him they will win.


Loving devotion to God to lose never,

Servants of the Lord celebrated forever.


Never relenting, Rama’s Vanaras of highest esteem,

Greatest of warriors, with devotion they beam.