Hanuman’s Strength – 5

When into trouble Lakshmana falls,

Out to Hanuman go the calls.


“Sanjivani herb you must find,

Quickly return with it in time.”


No success even after searching mountain’s land,

No other option but to carry everything in hand.


This image many in the world have seen,

Hanuman’s strength evident from that scene.


If Lakshmana trusts him so should you,

Bringing devotion to Rama, saving your life too.


Hanuman’s Strength – 4

Hanuman also with strength of emotion,

Seen when carrying out mission of devotion.


How when vision of Sita he did take,

His heart of sadness did not break?


Because to find her he was sent,

With Rama’s ring to Lanka he went.


The Lord not to pick someone who was weak,

Otherwise by obstacles to find defeat.


Firm in resolve, sadness aside to toss,

Hanuman to reach Sita at any cost.

Hanuman’s Strength – 3

When countering fierce enemy attack,

Rama and Lakshmana ride on his back.


Arrows from perch they launch,

Knowing that his position staunch.


Strength in combat with foes a must,

And in Hanuman so much the brothers trust.


An ideal servant with immeasurable strength,

For pleasing Rama ready to go any length.


On that friend’s strength I rely,

When to serve Rama I myself try.

Hanuman’s Strength – 2

Down from Rishyamukha he went,

By leader Sugriva he was sent.


Brothers Rama and Lakshmana he met,

Their purpose in forest to get.


Meeting with Sugriva to arrange,

Who too from wife was estranged.


Though Sugriva residing high on mountain’s top,

Not so easy for Hanuman’s will to stop.


On his back brothers took their seat,

Reached Sugriva through his giant leap.

Solving Time

Principles of Vedas I understand,
Goal for in spiritual world to land.

Regulative principles follow,
So in life of sin not to wallow.

Of Shri Hari think,
Nectar of devotion drink.

But time to me most unkind,
From work other thoughts to enter the mind.

Then from the principles I deviate,
And later with bhakti again to saturate.

Depressing to me is each fall,
But no option, for help no one to call.

Forward in devotion I go,
For of no other Lord do I know.

To live like a saint one day.
If names of Hari I constantly say.

Messing With My Head

Of Sita and Rama I think,
Strive to maintain yoga’s link.

But time having so tricky a face,
In a split second can fall from grace.

This deviation I totally despise,
That I’m weak is all I can surmise.

Repetition of time I cannot beat,
So again periodic hell I’ll surely meet.

With this for me a perpetual fight,
So humbly I’ll rely on Shri Rama’s might.

Of fallen souls know that I am the lowest,
Failed every hurdle, in progress the slowest.

Never mind, trying in devotion still,
Of sounds of holy name yet to have my fill.

Glories To Narasimha

Who would have ever thought,
That from spiritual world such a form was brought?

Of a man and a lion combination,
To reward young Prahlada’s determination.

Punishment for Hiranyakashipu to bring,
No more terror from the wicked king.

All glories to the Supreme Lord for coming,
To kill demon king in fashion most stunning.

The innocent son, to stop devotion refused,
By his powers the wicked father confused.

Narasimha that devotion to affirm,
Power of divine love for all to confirm.

Didn’t Know Anything Else

Prahlada, a five year old so young,
So how with material life was he done?

Idea for the bank balance to grow,
As aim of life he didn’t know.

Neither with activity was he ready to stop,
For valuable was the human body he got.

Right from the start to devotion he took,
And from this path he never shook.

Highest taste in bhakti was there,
So why with anything else to care?

Though seemingly of situation helpless,
Narahari to save him from father godless.

Prahlada, knowing devotion never wrong,
So in service to Vishnu remaining strong.

Escape From Hell

Of my boredom’s hell,

I’m so afraid to tell.


Same thing day after day,

Desperately seeking a new way.


Only in bhakti this not to feel,

Holy name pressures of time to heal.


And yet I still go back,

A sucker for maya’s attack.


To describe the Lord is my need,

Otherwise anxiety of idleness to feed.


That the Vaishnavas will help me I know,

So on with writing of Sita and Rama I go.