Just From Sight

Just from one look at Tulsidas to get,

And mind immediately righteously set.


Care not from where it did come,

Now of focused mission just one.


To glorify the Supreme Lord ever still,

Pages with devotional wisdom to fill.


And honor and memory of Tulsidas to prop,

Welcoming responsibility, the ball not to drop.

My Best Friend

In assembly of devotees safe you’d think,

Transcendental talk for the ears to drink.


But even here find that they will annoy,

Their politics and gossip take away your joy.


But not Tulsidas, my dearest friend,

His nectarean poems my troubles to end.


Through him God I can see,

So consider how superior is he.


In times of trouble to my friend I go,

Waiting to warm my heart ever so.

Rising From Nothing

Of a loving home immediately bereft,

As at time of birth no parents left.


Thus entering without a home,

In troubling world all alone.


Same story to hold throughout his life,

His struggles by himself to fight.


Oh but there was one person always on guard,

Who held the helpless poet in highest regard.


Through devotion Tulsidas to prominence to rise,

With Rama’s support nothing a surprise.


As a famous poet soon all to know,

From low to high, his love for Rama never let go.

What Did He Have

At time of birth’s starting place,

No hint of support, not a trace.


In possessions not even a thing,

Parents’ abandonment, loneliness’ sting.


That youth one day prominence to reach,

The meaning of life to fools like me to teach.


Devotion to Rama all the wealth one needs,

Chanting holy names real hunger to feed.


This truth by many I am told,

Still, for Tulsi greatest affection I hold.


From his life and many poems too,

Know for sure of God’s existence true.

Remarkable Achievement

No proofreaders or writers,

No machines or editors.


Just from the knowledge in his brain,

And devotion to Lord of Raghu’s fame.


Came writings of greatest wealth,

Of charming rhymes for hearts to melt.


Moving here and there, living under a tree,

In glorifying God of motives was free.


Poured heart and soul, world to do the rest,

Still pleases today, passing time’s test.


For his successes I am very proud,

Tulsi is my life, I proclaim it loud.


Of Shri Rama whatever I can write,

Due entirely to Goswami’s might.


To follow divine love giving me the confidence,

I humbly go on forgetting never his brilliance.

Number One

Of books his is the best,

Passed has it time’s test.


In so many hearts, so many homes,

In brilliance to stand alone.


All-time’s number one song,

Also to this poet belongs.


In renounced order such works to write,

Support only devotion, the divine sight.


In God’s existence sometimes difficult to believe,

For through maya’s influence our eyes to deceive.


But such glories credited to a single man,

Whose writings all of space and time to span.


That God does really exist, it is so,

From life of Goswami Tulsidas know.

A Kindred Spirit

Person just like yourself ever met?
Who as if your true nature to get.

Tulsidas that person to me,
Into depths of my soul to see.

But roamed this earth in time long ago,
So how my thoughts and feelings to know?

That he wrote personally to me I feel,
For my loneliness and sadness to heal.

That he didn’t write more is so unfair,
So to his words I offer utmost respect and care.