For Sita – 11

Finding baby in that oddest of place,

Janaka carefully brushed dust off her face.


Though living with dispassion instilled,

By her vision his heart with affection was filled.


Dilemma over whether right to give attention and care,

So suddenly a voice in the sky appeared there.


In all righteousness his daughter she was,

Brings joy to the heart this story it does.


For Sita – 10

Fixed in his dispassion, king never shook,

Changed when baby in his arms he took.


Immediate was there in him affection,

Thought of how to give her protection.


No longer stoic, but that was just fine,

Fitting for devotee of pure heart and mind.


Removing the dust from her face,

In his heart Sita took her place.

For Sita – 9

This child was his in righteousness all,

Thus his daughter now Janaka could call.


This a voice from the sky confirmed,

Then happily king to home returned.


Sacrifice for God, motive there was not,

King rewarded with beautiful daughter he got.


Soon that girl Supreme Lord to bring,

Of her glories may I always sing.

For Sita – 8

In seeing Janaka not a sin in sight,

Always to follow behavior that is right.


Not surprising then his fortune how,

Came while for sacrifice using a plow.


In that most sacred ground,

Beautiful baby girl was found.


To take her or not, a difficult choice,

Eased his mind from the sky a voice.

For Sita – 7

As in Kali Yuga for argument no rest,

Let’s have a greatest king’s contest.


Difficult to judge from Ramayana alone,

There’s Dasharatha having word as good as stone.


Then a king who from sky heard voice,

Of daughter’s rightful place, he is my choice.


Daily the precious Sita to see,

Janaka, most fortunate of all kings is he.

For Sita – 6

Greatest fortune for devotees reserved,

As Supreme Lord exclusively they can serve.


Consider King Janaka the father,

Who loved his most precious daughter.


First from ploughshare in ground to save,

Then fatherly affection for a lifetime gave.


Naming her Sita blessed was he,

Honored his love forever did she.

For Sita – 5

More fortunate than Sita can there be?

Dear wife of Supreme Lord is she.


But how about father who one day found,

That beloved child laying in the ground.


In his home with utmost love he raised,

King Janaka, whom three worlds praise.


More fortunate than Janaka hard to believe,

For vision of Sita daily he received.

For Sita – 4

Sita’s name so eagerly I call,

But why hers above else all?


To you my question is “why not?”

Splendid glories and kindness she has got.


No harm to anyone she ever did,

So this prejudice in you immediately rid.


For you in glories of others never to tire,

For me only Rama’s beloved to inspire.

For Sita – 3

One shining moment from my youth came,

That once innocently said Sita’s blessed name.


Like immortal elixir was found,

So pleasing to ears was that sound.


With age and passing of time forgotten somehow,

But through greatest fortune revived again now.


No other’s glories I’d always rather say,

So with her name to live from this day.

For Sita – 2

Worshipable figures so many there are,

For me one favorite, a shining star.


Her words to Ramayana glory brought,

Brightens my day when of her only a thought.


Desire to give glory and honor, but how?

Know no other way but writing now.


No ability, composition like babbling child,

But never to forget Rama’s dearest, so gentle and mild.