Remember The Dance

If moment to reflect get the chance,

Remember Krishna’s famous dance.


When on Kaliya’s heads He stood,

And drive away poison He would.


From Yamuna’s waters so pure,

Dangerous situation not to endure.


With feet so lovely and gracefully moving,

Devotees’ fears quickly removing.


In Kamsa’s Prison

Devaki’s children to die no more,

Prophecy now to even the score.


Supreme Lord in prison to appear,

In form of youth to remove parents’ fear.


As the clock struck midnight,

Lord Narayana seen in brilliant light.


After at divine vision having a look,

His son to Gokula Vasudeva took.


Kamsa’s reign of terror soon to end,

His due punishment Shri Krishna to send.

Catching Krishna

Yogis, concentrating with focus of mind,

The soul of all creatures hoping to find.


Their path requires practice of austerity,

Therefore success comes with great difficulty.


Mother Yashoda, despite trouble in running,

With flowers from her hair falling,


Able to catch Krishna after chase,

From her whipping stick even He is not safe.


With ropes of affection mother her son binds,

That same soul of creatures she easily finds.


Follow bhakti and with other yogas don’t bother,

Krishna lives always with devotee and no other.

Vision of Vishnu

Kamsa kills Devaki’s children, one by one.

Awaiting his angel of death, the eighth son.


In Devaki’s womb, Vishnu to appear,

Kamsa’s reign of terror to disappear.


Finally, mother gives birth to a beautiful boy,

Bluish in hue, to parents gives wonderful joy.


A brilliant light emerging, form of Vishnu was shown,

That their new son was God did Krishna make known.


Lord Vishnu was there, He of world renown,

Honored were the parents, their heads bowed down.


Shri Vishnu, appearing in child-like guise,

To secure evil Kamsa’s demise.


For protecting Vasudeva and his wife,

I honor Shri Krishna, the Lord of my life.

Rolling in the Mud

Dear friends please come quick,

And see Krishna’s latest trick.


With Balarama to the shed of the cows He went,

For our daily delight Him the creator has sent.


Seeing a cow, Krishna grabbed its tail with His hand,

Resourceful as He is, with its support He was able to stand.


Not expecting the touch, to the cow it was a surprise,

Out of the shed it jolted quick, before Krishna could realize.


My child rolled through the mud like the wheel of a cart,

Seeing this wonderful sight brings joy to our heart.


The ways of this world are certainly a mystery,

Yet we see Krishna every day, how are we so lucky?


You must come to see my child and His wonderful play,

May He delight us with His pastimes day after day.

Playing With Cows

Young Krishna and Balarama are growing up,

Crawl can they now after learning to sit up.


On the sacred earth of Vrindavana they crawl,

With their childish sports the gopis’ hearts they enthrall.


In the morning mothers smear saffron powder on each body,

But from playing during the day, they return home all muddy.


Ah, what do young Krishna and Balarama spot up ahead,

But a flock of beautiful cows, living comfortably in their shed.


Crawling near to the cows, Krishna grabs one by the tail,

Tries to use it to stand up, like a mountain to scale.


Feeling the pressure, away like the wind the cow does scurry,

Carries Krishna across the muddy field in a hurry,


Watching the fun, the gopis take tremendous delight,

Like this Yashoda’s son daily brings joy to their life.

Making Radha Kunda

“O Krishna, the fight against Aristasura You did win,

But by killing a bull You incurred a mighty sin.”


Hearing this from Radha, the love of His life,

Krishna replied, “Okay, suppose you are right?


What shall I do now?  What do the shastras say?

Tell Me how the sin of killing a bull I may drive away.”


To this replied Vrishabanu’s daughter,

“You must take bath in a sacred water.”


Hearing this, Krishna used His foot to make a hole in the ground,

Mother Ganga rushing to fill the area, new tirtha was found.


Not to be outdone, Radha and the gopis, using a print left by the bull,

Dug their own pond, summoned sacred rivers to make it full.


Then using His flute, Krishna let loose the waters from Shyama Kunda,

So that it would touch His beloved new pond named Radha Kunda.


In the newly created ponds Krishna did swim,

Forever dear are Radha and her pool to Him.