For Rama – 45

Read Ramayana for confidence to restore,

That proper path God’s feet to adore.


By temporary setbacks be not bewildered,

Eventually justice to all delivered.


Ravana thought with crime got away,

Since in distant Lanka to stay.


Eventually Sita to Rama to return,

And evil ogres just punishment to earn.


For Rama – 42

Kaikeyi’s vision coming with a cost,

Eventually wife Sita was lost.


Despair for Rama and Lakshmana making,

When Ravana to his kingdom taking.


In motion other plans then set,

Rakshasas fruit eventually to get.


Rama always fairness keeping in mind,

Justice served properly world to find.

For Rama – 41

If Rama’s real nature wanting to know,

To example of Sita Devi just go.


How happy without anything could be,

Forest as beautiful palace to see.


Since devoted firmly to husband’s feet,

To Him with a smile always to greet.


Please also in my home do stay,

Then happy you’ll make every day.

For Rama – 37

When Rama again will come?

To have His vision again none.


This by wicked Kaikeyi was brought,

Since plan made with deceptive thought.


Fourteen years now for us to wait,

Who in world having more pitiable state?


Still, of Rama’s return keeping a hope,

Our way in these dire days to cope.