Suffer Not Any Pain

Shri Rama, Dasharatha’s son of beautiful charm,

Though off You go, may there be no harm.


May victory in Your efforts you gain,

So that upon return glorious will be Your fame.


May no harm come upon You in the forest,

You and Lakshmana by the sage be always blessed.


That You don’t suffer at all we pray,

While bathing let all of Your hair on head stay.


From the forest the Rakshasas do You chase,

For Your triumphant return we cannot wait.


Bon Voyage

Though seeing Rama leaving made them depressed,

Still the citizens prayed for the Lord’s success.


Hopes that along with Lakshmana Rama would return,

So His pleasurable sight to soothe separation’s burn.


The king, queens and citizens for departure came out,

To see off the one person they couldn’t live without.


In the forest of many issues Shri Rama would take care,

To marry Sita Devi after Rakshasas away He scared.


Vishvamitra Muni lived in pure goodness,

Thus able to bask in Supreme Lord’s sweetness.

The Guardian

Vishvamitra wanted king’s son, his brother too,

But Rama is God, thus who was guarding who?


Dasharatha did not want to let Rama go,

But dedication to dharma not to forego.


No worries, as both sides the Lord to please,

Rama to protect Vishvamitra with ease.


Vision of departing son to remain in king’s mind,

To that pleasure at any time to find.


In the modern day chant the Lord’s names,

So that His favor you’ll always gain.

The Sage’s Favor

The brahmana piety’s defender,

All good comes from their special favor.


With clever words and political spin,

And group’s endorsement candidate wins.


But favoritism not governing way legitimate,

Politician needs instruction for everyone’s benefit.


From sage like Vishvamitra piety learn,

So that highest reward in life to earn.


His favor does good to king that is humble,

His family too, whether at home or in jungle.

Door Number Two

The pressure of losing son he did feel,

Thus king decided to play let’s make a deal.


“Instead take me and my massive army,

Through our protection pleased you will be.”


To keep Shri Rama at home king wanted,

Therefore other offer to sage presented.


From Vashishtha’s counsel king knew he was wrong,

Supreme wisdom to Vishvamitra did belong.


Rama and Lakshmana to go, king to acquiesce,

Valuable lesson upon night-rangers to impress.

Rest Assured

From vipra’s request king’s heart did sink,

Follow virtue or keep Rama, couldn’t think.


The distressed condition of king he could tell,

Vashishtha stepped in for doubts to dispel.


As brahmana, Vishvamitra’s opinion right,

And Shri Rama, though young of great might.


Mahadeva daughter of mountain king to marry,

To the woods vow for austerity she did carry.


Sita Devi meant to wed Rama in the same way,

Vashishtha’s words to make real fateful day.

Rock And A Hard Place

King of Ayodhya really stuck in a bind,

Way out of rock and hard place couldn’t find.


To protect the truth was his vow,

But part with son Rama could he how?


“I need Rama” lord of munis did say,

To drive the likes of Maricha away.


Dasharatha did not know what to do,

Agreed in end, love for Rama to stay true.


In bhakti no fault with following the mind,

Because even by thinking of God love to find.


About dharma the brahmana speaks,

Others about purpose in life to teach.


These discussions attentively hear,

Cycle of birth and death no longer fear.


Praise and honor Vishvamitra earned,

The kind words of king he did return.


Sacrifices of sages night-rangers did harm,

Thus needed Rama, He of mighty arms.


Because King Dasharatha finally did agree,

Splendid marriage of Sita and Rama world to see.

What To Give

Picture a person who has everything,

For no wealth is he at all longing.


Then to another admits that nothing can give,

For how to repay knowledge on how to live?


This situation long time ago occurred for real,

Vishvamitra king’s son for a moment wanted to steal.


To brahmanas Dasharatha never could say no,

So with Vishvamitra eldest son Rama did go.


Lakshmana, devoted brother took with Him,

In Janakpur hand of Sita Devi to win.

The Ingredients For Success

Four fruits of existence brahmanas give,

So that pursuing proper path you can live.


Follow dharma to get economic development,

Satisfy senses and hope rebirth to circumvent.


King meeting Vishvamitra felt hesitant,

For vipra can provide of desires attainment.


What possibly could king give in return,

Nothing of equal value was cause for concern.


King’s eldest son Rama of existence its source,

Chanting His name is life’s proper course.


To part with his son king did finally agree,

From Vishvamitra’s request, sages God to see.