For Hanuman – 89

Now that battle was won,

Job of rescuing Sita to be done.


When to her side Hanuman went,

Saw witches previously set on torment.


Punishment of death wanted to give,

But their misdeeds she did forgive.


Sentiment right in Hanuman still,

More admiration in my heart to fill.

For Hanuman – 88

For his friends anything he would do,

Jump across oceans, act as chariot too.


Weapons with courage he took,

In defending Rama splendid to look.


His friendship not so difficult to gain,

Just chant always Shri Rama’s name.


Your spirits from the depths to lift,

His presence your life’s greatest gift.

For Hanuman – 85

Just look at all the deeds he’s done,

Know that ability not in dimension one.


News of husband to Sita brought,

Travelled to Lanka without being caught.


Against enemy when time for to attack,

Placed Rama and Lakshmana on his back.


Of all servants know that he is the best,

To remember him I vow for my life the rest.