Keeping Them Angry

Tragic events reviewing news course,
Realizing that in each anger the source.

From Bhagavad-gita’s words to trust,
Then known that initial cause is lust.

How in the children behavior to prevent?
So much around them, parents to lament.

Nothing guaranteed, from holy names just learn,
Its potency even towards piety a thief can turn.

Auspicious and Inauspicious

Wedding and rituals on appropriate day,
Following time and circumstance way.

As thief open door auspicious for me,
But for homeowner bad sign to be.

Duality in this world everything in,
But not for bhakti, beyond piety and sin.

Even pain pleasurable can become,
And devotion through antagonism done.

No Entry

Risky if to everyone deity shown,
When Lord’s true position not known.

Then improper understanding to share,
Others of deity’s potency not aware.

In reality Krishna any form can occupy,
When worshiping, better first to qualify.

Blemishes here and there, plenty to see,
But spotless original Vedic culture always to be.

Jnana and Vijnana

So mired in material desires are you,
How from my experience to get through?

Jnana the knowledge theoretical,
Also vijnana, the practical.

The first to others I can give,
But the rest from experience to live.

Through devotional culture foundation setting,
Paving way for Krishna realization getting.