For Sita – 108

Good fortune, Sita remembered today,

For the same going forward I pray.


For to control the mind an order tall,

So easily in bad habits to fall.


But just as Janaki into king’s life came,

With supreme fortune I feel the same.


Chanting her name with bliss filling,

To continue forever, Shri Rama willing.


For Sita – 107

I pray that this wish may be granted,

That Sita’s glories always be chanted.


That in all the many days to come,

That lapses in this tradition there be none.


That for her supreme devotion be known,

And unending love to her be shown.


That with great welcome they embrace,

And in their hearts for her they make space.

For Sita – 106

Like morning sun emerging so bright,

Janaka wonderfully pleased by the sight.


So as nothing in charity to save,

Three more queens to brothers he gave.


Rama with Sita, but there was more,

Weddings indeed for Dasharatha’s sons all four.


As so much love for Sita in his heart stayed,

Most generous offerings to Supreme Lord he made.

For Sita – 105

Glories of Janaki to this day carried,

In blessed story of how she was married.


And how Rama came to the rescue swift,

When in arms Shiva’s bow to lift.


And how perfect an image was made,

When victory garland on His neck laid.


If true virtue you wish to find,

Always keep Janaka’s daughter in mind.

For Sita – 104

With delightful pastimes not done,

From Ayodhya so much more to come.


Resolve in toughest times to show,

With husband to forest to go.


Ties to all royal opulence to break,

Most fitting companion of Rama’s to make.


Sure to relive in episode another,

For to this fallen soul savior there is no other.

For Sita – 103

Much more of Janaki’s glories still,

Volumes of pages in books to fill.


This just a start by author humble made,

Please forgive any fumbled stanzas laid.


Done only for time well to be spent,

To give comfort to myself this is meant.


Wife of Rama most beloved to all,

Blessed am I that her name I can call.