Higher Than Smartas

Smartas to rules giving respect,

Elevation through rituals to expect.


For them possible highest destination,

Heaven and beyond then liberation.


But devotion practice most resplendent,

On rules and regulations never dependent.


This truth wives of the brahmanas showing,

Feeding Krishna and brother, etiquette foregoing.



Shedding Tears

From ecstatic kirtans to hear,

Murtis affectionately shedding tear.


From the mind is this made,

In illusion, by the eyes betrayed?


No, to happen one can certainly believe,

Deities always happy for devotion to receive.


Know that efforts for Krishna wasted not,

Sometimes even tears from Him to drop.


Pure Affection

How to explain in way to know for sure,

Devotion to Supreme Lord, spotless and pure?


From ancient Ramayana one way take,

Comparison that Shri Lakshmana to make.


Fish taken out of the water like,

When God no more in their sights.


Feeling of beloved wife Sita too,

From being away just a moments few.