The Perfect Yogi

Seeing Krishna best yogi is He,

All Lord’s opulences in full to see.


How as son He is the best,

Protecting one wife and all the rest.


For the cowherd boys in fear living,

Protection from demons to them giving.


Yogi’s concentration to break never,

Can contemplate Lord’s features forever.

The Best Son You Could Ask For

To forefathers one of debts three,

By begetting a son of it to be free.


The best of them all, which one?

Look at Prahlada, like him none.


Benefit to his friends and family giving,

And his father’s obstructions forgiving.


Through him God to the family came,

Blessed with vision of Narasimha the name.

King’s Oath

“Why King Janaka do you blame?

Never to family will he bring shame.


If of Rama’s qualities he knew before,

Sita to Him he’d give for sure.


The promise has already been made,

Best if to vow dedicated he stays.”


Spectators to stay worried not for long,

Soon to be singing glorious union’s song.


Through following deeds meritorious,

People to see beloved Rama victorious.


King had taken his vow,

Couldn’t go back on it now.


System of piety God first creates,

Sukriti’s results therefore He makes.


Rama is God, so fate of His deeds sealed,

In His mighty arms bow of Shiva to wield.