Protecting The Saints

“Protecting the saints I walk this forest for,

So that Rakshasas to attack them no more.


Lakshmana, to a nearby cave Sita take,

Alone the demons’ destruction I will make.


Headed by Khara they all to hit the ground,

Struck by My arrows, their lives to lay down.”


Rama’s remarkable feat in Dandaka I particularly love,

That beautiful scene may I always think of.


Vishvamitra With Rama And Lakshmana

He with a brother of complexion fair,

Both entrusted to great sage’s care.


He wears cloth that is yellow and his brother’s blue,

Vishvamitra to Janaka’s kingdom accompanies the two.


Affectionate muni their caretaker,

Acting like sun, the day’s maker.


The three waiting for Rama bow to take,

That image this mind never to forsake.


Like red and yellow flowers blossoming are they,

In Vishvamitra’s company, in whose heart they stay.

Rama’s Homecoming

Placed lights everywhere and all around,

The famed pushpaka soon to hit the ground.


Having been sent away for fourteen years,

Shri Rama has come back to allay our fears.


Of His struggles and triumph we have heard,

With news of his arrival our emotions now stirred.


To welcome Him let’s put more lights than can be seen,

In this darkest night of the year let Ayodhya gleam.


Destroyer of darkness, our Lord is the true light,

His return to our company to be most glorious sight.

Rama’s Birth

There once was a man named Dasharatha, Ayodhya’s king,

Endless wealth, most beautiful queens, had everything.


But one thing missing with a glare,

A son, for kingdom an heir.


To continue line king with priests grand sacrifice performed,

“Take the prasadam, divide amongst your wives,” was informed.


In due course pregnant the wives became,

Birth of eldest, a son with Rama the name.


Dasharatha with four sons, devoid of heir no longer.

Day after day, bond to Rama grew only stronger.


May that maintainer of dharma forever be with his son,

And may Rama shine His mercy on all His children, not missing a one.

Running Strong

From Kishkindha coming warriors of might,

For Rama’s sake ready to bring the fight.


By Ravana done an iniquitous deed,

Taking away Sita, who now to be freed.


Forward on the battlefield the monkeys course,

Their motivation strong, unrelenting their force.


Using as weapons uprooted trees,

For dropping the demons all they did need.


So many monkeys, from where have they come?

Though Ravana an expert at fight, now he is done.


The demons having expertise and dedication to sin,

But with the Vanaras Hanuman, through him they will win.


Loving devotion to God to lose never,

Servants of the Lord celebrated forever.


Never relenting, Rama’s Vanaras of highest esteem,

Greatest of warriors, with devotion they beam.

Reasons for Rama’s Advent

The son of Vishrava, the world terrorizing,

Using prowess his self aggrandizing.


From this Ravana suras living in fear,

Prayed for Vishnu’s help, “The end coming near.”


They petitioned the dear Lord, beloved the most,

Obliging instantly, coming to earth with friends a host.


Appearing in Dasharatha’s family, the ruler of earth,

On the sacred day of Rama Navami, the Lord took birth.


Immunity from all attack twas the demon’s boon,

But Vishnu as a human to kill Ravana soon.


Lanka’s lord worst sinner, of tyrants a leader.

And God annihilates miscreants according to Gita’s speaker.


As son of Dasharatha the Lord to fulfill His promise,

To end Ravana’s reign, to suras returning happiness.

Jaya Mala

From around the world today many famous princes to arrive,

In this city of Janakpur, to go home married they strive.


To lift the illustrious bow of Lord Shiva they wish to try,

Yet one after another they fail, the bow not even to pry.


Finally the Lord of Tulsidas approaches the plate,

He of beautiful appearance and most charming gait.


Lifting that bow of Shiva and breaking it in the twinkling of an eye,

To their chances of winning Sita princes waving goodbye.


So heavy the bow that enormous was the sound,

In upper and lower worlds, in all spheres to redound.


Shri Rama, Lord of Vaikuntha, has won Sita Devi’s hand in marriage,

The energy and energetic, united at last, ready the horse and carriage.


Around her husband’s neck garland of victory to place,

Sita Devi now belonging to Rama, He of moonlike face.


With breaking of the bow, their marriage today to start,

May Sita and Rama, beloved of all, reside forever in my heart.

His Most Beloved

From Krishna all different sparks of energy,

Spiritual,  material, everything that you see.


Thus to Krishna everyone is related,

Whether in His company or separated.


But who the most dear to the darling with the flute,

Who charms everyone with His smile, His face so cute?


Can anyone not be dear to the Lord, the father of man,

Does not God love everyone as much as one can?


Krishna loving equally all of His children,

But to one person His heart particularly given.


Shrimati Radharani, the beloved queen of Gokula,

Enchants Krishna with her devotion, His heart to rule.


In remembering Krishna, seeing Radha by His side,

So intense a love, feelings for each other never to hide.

Hanuman’s Kindness – 1

Without Hanuman where would I be?

Only misery through illusion I’d see.


His example of devotion I securely hold,

Watching his pastimes in Ramayana unfold.


Obviously his work for Rama to please,

But also my doubts and fears they ease.


To win his favor not difficult play,

Just with love Rama’s name say.


Unmatched is Hanuman’s kindness,

Honor him to finally cure your blindness.

Hanuman’s Strength – 9

An entire city against which to fight,

Such a formidable task not to take light.


From the challenge Hanuman not to back away,

In combat against enemies he’d stay.


Force of Rama his strength showed,

Who revenge to Rakshasas owed.


Hanuman to make the first strike,

To reveal what lay in future’s sight.


One strong man against many,

Their force to not make a dent any.


Because in Hanuman strength is found,

So much so that mind it does astound.


Easy it is for me to believe,

Because orders from Rama Hanuman received.