Spiritual master you should accept,
Why tradition of parampara you reject?

To take diksha is required,
For with devotion to be inspired.

But what to do, agreeing logic is sound,
But proper guru I have not yet found.

From chanting holy names should I cease,
And lose my only solace and peace?

In glorifying God my tongue should I bite,
And repress my enthusiasm of formidable might?

No, every risk I’m willing to take,
Whatever happens, fruitful this life I’ll make.


Why Worry

Why do you worry so much?
Think you’ll lose motivation’s touch?

Why not in Shri Rama believe?
You has He ever deceived?

All He says has been true,
Gave more than you ever knew.

Sita took care of you since small,
Raised from ignorance to poetic ability tall.

Endless worry over boredom do you,
But from bhakti always something to do.

Of loneliness and shame you’re afraid,
But take comfort in bed that you’ve made.

Kind-hearted saints gave you wonderful gift,
Upon you to use now for spirits to uplift.

Kill The Light

With your powers stark,
Choose to attack in the dark.

Prefer to range in the night,
So to innocent out of sight.

But when Rama’s wife you took,
From slumber your destiny shook.

When your body with Rama’s arrows filled,
Then light of your reign of terror killed.

Thought you were safe in life of sin,
But against Rama you can never win.

Time to Go

Right plan divine creator makes,

To execute at proper time and place.


No more in India for swami to stay,

To the west he’d have to make his way.


Never mind the turbulent waters ahead,

By Krishna’s guiding hand to be led.


Onto a boat that from ocean always shaking,

Just bare essentials and some books with him taking.


Prabhupada headed to America for giving rescue,

To the mission of his spiritual master always true.

The Voyage West

As hard as he could tried,

But his plans by forces denied.


To go beyond attempted so many ways,

The preaching within India it stayed.


With Jaladuta now the chance,

For Mahaprabhu’s cause to advance.


That journey historic to be,

The west a new culture to see.


Finally his guru’s mission to fulfill,

Gave Bhaktivedanta a glimmering hope still.


Travelling across the ocean vast,

Krishna came through in moment last.

League of Devotees

Made League of Devotees for society to better,

Preaching strongest when devotees gathered together.


First in Back to Godhead time spent,

For preaching this his first attempt.


Difficult task, the upkeep too much of a chore,

Krishna’s mercy, for swami something else in store.


Can’t change fate no matter how hard we try,

The will of the Supreme impossible to defy.


Prabhupada then compelled to go west,

Where message of Chaitanya to be received the best.


League of Devotees for guru a worthwhile start,

World soon to change from the ship he’d depart.

A Handy Tip

Fortnightly magazine regularly handing out,

But people hesitant to keep, sometimes to throw out.


Good advice to come from a well-wisher,

Would change course of history for the better.


Temporary interest for magazines like Back to Godhead,

But why not focus on lengthier books instead?


Thus came initial seed for meaningful transition,

Swami to begin Bhagavatam’s translation.


Jewel of Vedas is that work from Vyasa’s hand,

Prabhupada to make possible for all to understand.


That ripened fruit from guru’s writings taste,

See God in the pages, lay ignorance to waste.


Seeking ways to relax, no pressures for the mind,

State free of anxieties and inconveniences to find.


But Prabhupada to the streets went to patrol,

From patrons faced rejections untold.


But for his guru taking the risk,

From spreading bhakti not to desist.


All glories to founder giving magazine’s birth,

Not to end there, publishing venture only his first.


Soon to expand worldwide, the burden to increase,

No worry for him, wisdom of Bhagavata to release.

I’ve Forgotten Him

Today worried about that and this,
Fearing that enjoyment’s chance to miss.

Outcome in one way or other to fall,
Soon after the issue not again to recall.

On Lakshmana mind should have been set,
Then benefit from experience would get.

For Rama’s interest his only care,
By brother’s side to find him where.

In making excuses expert you are,
But never keep Lakshmana from you far.