Without father, but Pandavas never alone,

Krishna their well-wisher, as Partha-sarathi is known.


Arjuna fighting, chariot Supreme Lord steering,

When doubtful, Partha’s ignorance clearing.


Despite by default neutral to all,

Kunti’s sons as friend to call.


Shanta-rasa, beyond appreciation can go,

Krishna coming under your control even so.


Speaking With Conviction

To wise men with conviction speaking,

Approach when highest wisdom seeking.


In any body type and age can be found,

Prahlada as child, Bhishma on the ground.


Message delivered always the same,

On importance of God and His holy name.


The Lord Himself their devotion to protect,

So no fear, with confidence to project.

Enthusiasm In Devotion

Vasudeva crossing Yamuna through the rain,

Prabhupada making ocean journey like the same.


Lakshmana for Rama standing at the ready,

To continue service even hundred years steady.


Vanaras with enthusiasm the world searching through,

Hanuman brave journey when Sita’s location knew.


Examples from these special souls take,

How towards success in bhakti to make.

Compassion Personified

Krishna the most compassionate to be,

Different ways for evidence to see.


Like with liberation to Putana giving,

A witch, her horrible sins forgiving.


As the Supersoul staying always with you,

The same in every person, every animal too.


As the avatara from time to time descending,

And most compassionate saints to this world sending.

Duryodhana’s Failure

When attempt made for Krishna bound,

Universal form in front of him found.


For Duryodhana, following wicked way,

In illusion since adharma at play.


Mother Yashoda once was able to do,

Even after rope coming short finger widths two.


Because for devotee the Lord mercy granting,

In pure love, His names always chanting.

Handicapping Success

The occupational divisions four,

And ashramas advancement for.


Type of handicapping system giving,

For potential in spiritual life living.


Still victory not until reaching the end,

Through Krishna instantly to victory circle to send.


When of Lord thinking free from doubt.

From the bodily designation to come out.

Trusting The Spiritual Master

Guru as tattva-darshi is known,

Since having Truth’s realization their own.


First from their own teacher coming,

Not out of blue enlightened becoming.


Folly of sense gratification having seen,

Conscious of impending death, cruel and mean.


The Supreme Lord, in every corner of universe seeing,

Only through their grace ignorance freeing.