For Hanuman – 18

When seeing judgment bordering on lame,

To Sugriva’s rescue Shri Hanuman came.


In knowledge of moral codes none wiser,

Knew friend failing to repay favors a miser.


For king’s benefit Vali driven away,

But not a word of act would Rama say.


Transgression Hanuman subtly to catch,

Sugriva then massive army to dispatch.

For Hanuman – 17

Cleverly into demon’s mouth,

Then just as quickly to come out.


Paying troll’s toll ever so,

Onward in his journey to go.


Respect to Brahma and devas he gave,

Demon’s boon and mission’s hope to save.


To Rama’s servant so clever,

I offer obeisance forever and ever.

For Hanuman – 16

Hanuman crossed ocean tis well known,

No one to help him, had to go alone.


But of his difficulties have you thought?

How obstructions Surasa and Simhika brought?


With abilities swelling with pride,

To get in his way they tried.


Relying on his intelligence and strength,

Overcame them to cross ocean’s length.

For Hanuman – 15

Hanuman not a thing of play,

Not to put in pocket on your way.


As figure of mythology don’t take,

Fictitious stories of him don’t make.


His own words from Ramayana get,

And into truth your mind set.


Only in God’s servant such devotion to find,

That bhakti is his life always keep in mind.

For Hanuman – 13

Tulsidas brings tears to my eyes,

Holds kind heart of giant size.


Over his glories I constantly ponder,

How one to be so sweet I wonder.


Then of his meeting with you I hear,

And to me it all becomes clear.


Guru of Rama’s devotees you certainly are,

Can turn even fool like me into shining star.

For Hanuman – 11

In service to Sita and Rama I wish to go,

Hanuman gatekeeper of theirs I know.


Divine couple keeps company the best,

Their servant puts shame to many the rest.


Why anywhere else for me to stay?

Rather hear Hanuman’s music to play.


That to make me happy the most,

As Sita-Rama in his heart kept close.

For Hanuman – 10

Hanuman deservedly gets so much praise,

For his devotion shown in many ways.


Mountain taking in his hand,

Intruding enemy foreign land.


Despite work in journey unthinkably long,

Steadily maintaining resolve strong.


If love for him I can always keep,

Then Rama’s company not an unthinkable leap.

For Hanuman – 9

With monkey friends to search he went,

By Rama and Sugriva they were sent.


Hopes for Sita’s rescue making,

Rama’s ring with him taking.


Though from failure friends in despair,

To stop serving Rama he wouldn’t dare.


Through him triumph eventually to come,

For Hanuman Rama always priority number one.