For Sita – 62

In world of many enjoyments to find,

What gift to leave all others behind?


A chaste wife the Vedas say,

Firm supporter with husband to stay.


With delicate grace and disposition sweet,

Along righteous path her husband to keep.


These qualities and much more in Sita are set,

Her association winner of contest to get.


For Sita – 61

As his daughter most beautiful of them all,

To find matching husband order most tall.


To his kingdom of three worlds’ fame,

Princes in prime of youth speedily came.


With best effort as losers they left,

From Shiva’s bow their pride bereft.


All until Janaki’s Lord tried with ease and joy,

Won contest, bow in arms like a toy.

For Sita – 60

Glance at divine couple steal,

Know that Rama for Sita ideal.


Full potency when together the two,

Worship them to do most good for you.


An end to their glories never to exist,

Story of famed marriage to this day persists.


Rama winning contest at all odds against,

For Sita bow of Shiva easily bent.

For Sita – 59

Since today with sickness to awake,

Excuse for worship of Sita to forsake?


To follow this path why so much fear?

Safe are those who to name of Janaki stay near.


Sickness and health, to go and always come,

Ill today and tomorrow then to be done.


Excuses to quit there are so many,

But in this world like Sita there are not any.

For Sita – 58

Casting aside fear, in vow to persist,

With contest of the bow not to desist.


So much love for Rama to feel,

Seemed for Sita match ideal.


Supreme Lord king’s vow then protected,

Sound of bow’s shattering in three worlds projected.


Well-wishers in joy, their worries instantly fell,

From that day on Janaki’s mangala best story to tell.

For Sita – 57

The truth revealed, no more to lie,

To remember Sita always I try.


Of pastimes my favorite moment of all,

When in Janakpur victorious Rama stood tall.


For Janaki amazing feat He did,

Shattered bow of sound splendid.


Of His love for Sita just think,

And no more in despair sink.

For Sita – 56

If another your intimate desire knows,

Great weakness then to expose.


So this secret I always keep,

Lest sins of offense others to reap.


That Janaki my most favorite person of all,

In happiness and distress, her name only to call.


My choice, others may choose another instead,

But this for me the only path to tread.

For Sita – 55

In judging virtue and quality test,

One way see who has husband the best.


Janaki’s marriage not in way mundane,

Only by strength her hand to attain.


Princes from around the world came all,

But only Rama in victory to stand tall.


Best husband in the world to mean,

Thus one like Sita never before seen.

For Sita – 53

In resolve in me not much strength,

My vows to travel only short length.


To make many promises tall,

To only again in maya’s ocean fall.


But one thing nothing away can take,

One person whom never to forsake.


Whether in fame or fortune, high or low,

Praise of Rama’s beloved never to let go.