For Sita – 88

Friends in my life unfortunately not many,

Intimate connection certainly not with any.


So to commune with the saintly I try,

From books and words to cure loneliness my.


Philosophers and statesmen, not religious are all,

But in their words humility and character stand tall.


But one subject matter to stand above the rest,

Of Sita and Rama, image for the heart the best.


For Sita – 86

Upon victory from bow’s being bent,

To new husband Rama she went.


With winner’s garland in her hand,

Thrilled were people of Tirahuta’s land.


Search diligently here, there and everywhere,

And in the world find no more perfect a pair.


By placing flowers His neck around,

To beloved Sita Shri Rama now bound.

For Sita – 85

In writing task, start the hardest chore,

“Ideas to come how many more?


Will not eventually I run out?

And with words of praise be without?”


So to benevolent Vaishnavas I pray,

That to glorify Janaki further I may.


That gift seldom offered I’m well aware,

Promise to give proper attention and care.

For Sita – 84

“Be done with this chore now,

To write again and again how?


How much more to tell you’ve got?

Of reliving that day sick are you not?”


To such a detractor I emphatically say,

To find end of Janaki’s glories no possible way!


So beautiful that beloved wedding day,

In life after life to remember it I pray.

For Sita – 83

She of the divine nature for sure,

For sound of name alone is pure.


Of beauty, charm and elegant grace,

In pure goodness, with sin not a trace.


For this mind most sacred field,

Day that union with Rama did yield.


All the best for the most glorious wife,

To her offering my attention and poetic life.

For Sita – 82

That attention in marriage no surprise,

For occasion always to bring festive eyes.


So many weddings past and so many to be,

But none like Janaki’s ever again to see.


Began with victory of hero with valor and might,

Concluded with four unions, most precious sight.


For me certainly most blessed day of all,

And why Sita and Rama home I call.

For Sita – 81

From daughter’s husband to adore,

Janaka made room for charity more.


Brothers of Rama also queens to get,

All together wonderful marriage set.


From single bow for Janaki to lift,

Wives for all four princes a gift.


Sita alone so much opulence brings,

Poets today of all four marriages sing.

For Sita – 80

Highest honor to father you paid,

And best bride for Shri Rama you made.


Path of righteousness you’ve laid,

And in hearts of saints you’ve stayed.


Of sweetest face with hair in lovely braid,

Taking shelter from husband’s feet’s shade.


To you myself and so many have prayed,

May your vision in mind never be delayed.

For Sita – 79

To instruct me to worship others is fine,

For kind-hearted are well-wishers of mine.


Desire for me only the best,

By their guidance have always been blessed.


But whether all to advise or not a single one,

In matter of my worship their influence is none.


In good times and bad worship of Sita to take,

Full faith in her, all fears to forsake.