Lotus opens up at sight of the sun,

And then closes when day is done.


The day the sun makes,

Its light earth’s creatures take.


Spiritual master the same,

Vedic wisdom from him gain.


As disciples Rama and Lakshmana took the role,

To Vishvamitra did as they were told.


Bringing them to Janakpur the day was made,

Vision of blue and yellow lotuses with people stayed.


Stop To Smell The Roses

How in this human form shall I live?

My sentiments to whom shall I give?


Of Supreme Lord we are meant to think,

His nectarean beauty the eyes to drink.


Of some onlookers in Janakpur this was the opinion,

Not happy with King Janaka’s oath decision.


A match for Sita Rama was ideal,

His lifting of bow destiny to seal.


Competition in maya’s fever now forget,

And in worshiping Supreme Lord your mind set.

Egg On Their Faces

When your pride with shame displaced,

Like having raw egg on your face.


The bow contest kings’ pride to take,

In embarrassment their noses to break.


Shiva’s bow in Rama’s hands to shatter,

This to finally settle the contest matter.


To be embarrassed by God is good,

Individual’s subordinate position understood.


Join God, giving up your opposing voice,

Be His devotee and over His triumphs rejoice.

The Empty Can Rattles The Most

For hand of Sita many assembled princes contested,

But by weight of Shiva’s bow all were bested.


To boast of prowess then just gums to flap,

And fall further into embarrassment’s trap.


Kings from bow had their confidence shook,

Now at Rama were not worthy even to look.


Dasharatha’s eldest son both strong and silent,

To fulfill destiny to Janakpur He went.


To His devotees He offers His strength,

So to chant His names go to any length.

Where There Is Smoke

Along with citizens, pious princes there too,

From looking at Rama one thing they knew.


When beauty, splendor and fame are there,

Strength to exist too, of this they were aware.


That Rama would lift the bow this meant,

In vain to Tirahuta so many princes went.


Use same principle for God to understand,

With holy name the Supreme Lord’s presence land.


When wonderful attributes from divine chanting come,

Know that the Supreme Lord and His name are one.


Lose weight, I must right now,

To eat properly is my vow.


On time and with control I will eat,

The objective of healthiness I hope to meet.


But sometimes the rules okay to break,

Assessment with ultimate objective must make.


The king of Videha some started to denounce,

For Rama to marry Sita vow king should renounce.


In the end no need for king’s word to forsake,

Shri Rama in His hand Shiva’s bow to take.

Broken Promise

“Wedding of Sita and Rama king will make,

And with that his promise he’ll break.”


Confidence of princes Rama’s beauty shook,

Afraid of Janaka’s vow breaking after just one look.


Forms of the Supreme Lord there are more than one,

Within any of them anything can be done.


In a youth heavy bow He can lift,

To eyes of devotees His victory a gift.


No fear, Janaka’s promise to stay true,

That it wasn’t their day the princes already knew.

Alert The Authorities

The youth who from Ayodhya was sent,

To be always together with Sita is meant.


What external conditions portend don’t bother,

Youthful form to the Supreme Lord no matter.


As a delicate swan people of Janakpur Rama saw,

Lifting mountain-like bow would break nature’s law.


But for God in any form all He can do,

Can kill demons while smiling too.


Within His holy name the same power exists,

Chant it for despair and dismay to resist.