For Sita – 55

In judging virtue and quality test,

One way see who has husband the best.


Janaki’s marriage not in way mundane,

Only by strength her hand to attain.


Princes from around the world came all,

But only Rama in victory to stand tall.


Best husband in the world to mean,

Thus one like Sita never before seen.


For Sita – 53

In resolve in me not much strength,

My vows to travel only short length.


To make many promises tall,

To only again in maya’s ocean fall.


But one thing nothing away can take,

One person whom never to forsake.


Whether in fame or fortune, high or low,

Praise of Rama’s beloved never to let go.

For Sita – 51

Characters of those around her look,

Like Janaka who first in his arms took.


Then with victorious Rama to reside,

Who has fearless Lakshmana by His side.


Famed Ramadutta message to her brings,

And Tulsi her glories forever sings.


Judging by this company alone,

Know that Sita the highest stature owns.

For Sita – 50

I worship Janaki, having qualities the best,

Whose husband conquered Shiva’s bow’s test.


I worship Sita, born of the ground,

Who to father Janaka gave joy abound.


I worship Janaka-suta, of greatest kindness,

Who wins Shri Rama with gentleness and mildness.


She having glories in endless store,

May I always honor her more and more.

For Sita – 49

Best husband in the world has who?

Perhaps one of strength and beauty too?


Maybe one who protection gave,

And vows of ascetics did save?


Who took bow that none could mount,

Lifting and breaking then in second’s count?


Such conditions in Janaki’s Lord met,

In devotion to them may this heart be forever set.