For Sita – 78

In admitting this no fear,

That to me Sita most dear.


Sorry if not to follow the given rule,

Certainly not recommending to copy this fool.


But never that memory from me to take,

Of Janaki and ceremony of bow to break.


And how in vow to husband stood on a stone,

Will remember her even if in worship alone.


For Sita – 77

Of Gita’s instruction I know,

That thoughts to Hari should go.


“Think of Me and then to Me come,”

Devotee with reincarnation done.


But allow me to reveal this secret of mine,

That in trouble to call only Sita to mind.


Of her beloved Rama never without thought,

And so why not her name to say I ought?

For Sita – 75

Since to so many remaining dear,

Her outstanding character quite clear.


All valiant princes for her came,

Knew of her beauty and Janaka’s fame.


By most kind and strong was won,

Contest of the bow, for her was done.


To worship Sita not something new I introduce,

Just a reminder for myself why poems I produce.

For Sita – 73

For in life showing you right way,

Proper honor to parents desire to pay.


Earn money and start family now?

Is this the right way, but how?


Be forever devoted to Sita just,

In her name and glories trust.


Honor to her father Janaki paid,

When most fitting wife for Rama she made.

For Sita – 72

Tendency in man to cheat,

Seeks easy way for his neighbor to beat.


From this the caste system came,

By birth only to be passed the honorable’s fame.


Not the proper way do you know,

Honor in ascending path only to go.


At Sita’s beauty and famous marriage marveled,

Fame and honor to ancestors travelled.

For Sita – 71

In vanity of caste thought to descend,

But know properly that honor always to ascend.


Janaka already of stature the highest,

Increased by daughter of complexion brightest.


Beautiful, gentle and forever kind,

With a glance to capture even Hari’s mind.


In such a daughter in whom resplendence shines,

Gave most honor to famed Videha’s line.

For Sita – 70

From fear of mistake now free,

Janaka the outcome happy to see.


A victorious Rama spectators beheld,

As broken bow in hand He held.


At the most glorious and memorable sight,

Well-wishers pleased knowing outcome was right.


Fairest maiden for Shri Rama alone,

So happy, taking Janaki’s fortune as their own.

For Sita – 69

Arranged by Him, no other way,

Who in every heart does comfortably stay.


That prince of raincloud-like hue,

Innermost desires of father and daughter knew.


Janaki, who only the best in life deserved,

Most chivalrous and kind prince for her reserved.


The saints and pious pleased,

When Rama lifted bow with ease.