For Sita – 98

At holiday season filled with cheer,

Want to do good to people so dear.


Instinct for many presents a heap,

Give as gifts, into shopping to leap.


If last year’s goodness you want to surpass,

Then story of Sita and Rama to others do pass.


Message that God only the supreme hope and light,

This holiday and all others with wisdom to alight.


For Sita – 97

“Sita a goddess for Hindus only to see,

Hints at idolatry, certainly not for me.”


If these misgivings in you reside,

Without haste cast them aside.


Goddess of fortune to all ready to gift,

The means for devotion, spirits to uplift.


Her marriage to Rama for whole world to see,

Hear from saints and in happiness always be.

For Sita – 96

Though affair of importance tall,

To that event invited are you all.


Your religion or language no issue,

Neither wealth nor education too.


Just gaze with a pure heart and open mind,

And all good things from their image you’ll find.


All your doubts of the divine to run away,

When to Sita’s marriage you make your way.

For Sita – 95

That I am the most fortunate I say,

For theological debates missed my way.


Salvation, work, faith or something else still,

These thoughts my mind never to fill.


Straight of Sita and Rama was told,

So now affection for them I hold.


From scant attention so much fortune came,

So remember Sita and be blessed in way the same.

For Sita – 93

For Janaki’s friends the guru sent,

Then taking her they happily went.


All done in proper and tradition’s way,

Of not a single flaw any could say.


Of such an outcome who would believe,

Not even Brahma such a match could conceive.


Loving glances offered from all a well-wishing eye,

Thought each one of them, “How fortunate am I?”

For Sita – 92

With joy in their hearts the people say,

“Perfect for Sita is Rama in every way.”


At the grand nuptials they rejoice,

Singing their glories with melodious a voice.


Influence of time suddenly gone,

As image of couple they dwell upon.


Though from propriety so commonly to depart,

Joy from Sita and Rama to fill even this wretch’s heart.

For Sita – 91

Though company of past saints bereft,

Thankful that some words to me left.


To their instruction and wisdom I cleave,

That consciousness of them never to leave.


To pass on my own thoughts only fair,

To let others know my mind situated where.


Name of Sita the most my heart to please,

Let all others too on that opportunity seize.

For Sita – 89

This wretch, certainly vile the most,

Of evil thoughts and sinful qualities a host.


Still somehow Sita he’s found,

In loving affection to her bound.


In hopes of her more to know,

In glorifying her on he goes.


Though fit for such service he’s not,

Considers that greatest fortune he’s got.