My Krishna is known as Shyamasundara, He has a beautiful face,

His vision is the Truth, for the eyes the supreme resting place.


A child can be this adorable, who could ever think?

Afraid of losing that sight my eyes don’t want to blink.


Holding a flute in His hands and wearing a peacock feather in His hair,

My Shri Krishna, with His wonderful charm pride away He scares.


Ornaments normally worn for beauty of body to enhance,

But with Krishna to shine ornaments are given the chance.


A flower garland adorns His neck, and on His wonderful chest,

Is found the kaustubha gem, which in glory comfortably rests.


Like the atasi flower in appearance, like the Tamala tree,

Unique is the shyama color, on a human very rare to see.


His eyes like lotus petals and complexion like a raincloud,

My sweet Shyamasundara, His glories I sing aloud.


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